The Illegal Crossers Who Come for the Children


According to a criminal complaint filed in Beltrami County, Minnesota, staff from Sanford Bemidji Emergency Department called police when an 11-year-old girl arrived at the ER with severe injuries consistent with a sexual assault on Sept. 23.

Minnesota rape home

The girl underwent a series of interviews with investigators and staff at the Family Advocacy Center; she described how her “auntie” forced her to get into a car, bringing her to a home where several men tied up and raped her. The victim said there were at least two other girls also tied up in the home, one of whom later helped the victim to escape.

She described the house as a house of horrors.

The child said at least two other victims were in the home; one helped her escape. The child said they put a paper bag over her head, and she either fell or was thrown down a flight of stairs and forced to drink alcohol. She was tied up and raped by numerous men. She doesn’t know how many. One man who raped her did it while four men watched.

The story isn’t getting much coverage, and it’s not getting complete coverage. These are all illegal aliens. The people who want to destroy our country won’t tell you what’s happening.

The police located the home and arrested one of the men, 22-year-old Oscar Luna, who has a police record for sexual assault and DWI.  He is here legally.

Twelve people were taken out of the rental home by U.S. Border Patrol to be processed as illegal immigrants following the alleged gang rape of an 11-year-old girl. Only one man has been arrested in the case, 22-year-old Oscar Luna.

The Biden regime is doing this. They are deliberately destroying the country.

You might want to watch this clip with Sen. Cruz addressing the border.

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