Propaganda Always Ends Badly


Today, it is not Russia ruling over the world with an iron fist as Stalin had envisioned, it is corporatist billionaires and their NGOs

Propaganda Always Ends Badly

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh ——Bio and ArchivesSeptember 10, 2023

–First Published at Ileana Writes

Language is a very powerful tool in the propaganda war machine that nefarious individuals unleashed upon the world with the promise that they were going to make their lives freer, richer, happier, and easier. Under the guise of cleverly worded and false narratives, masses across the centuries have been misled to march toward disastrous outcomes that took many lives and a long time to reverse if ever.

Take for instance the current weaponization of language around the globe where reality and biology are being attacked for political purposes and rational, logical people are required to accept the insanity of a few or they become societally marginalized, and potentially lose their jobs.

Printed with permission of Antonio Branco

The goal of destroying all children’s sexual identity is to turn them into slaves to the one-world government

Linda Goudsmit wrote that …” language is weaponized, and perversion of pronouns in the English language has a particularly destructive political purpose.” That purpose is to destroy the individual, to force them to identify as the collective; “they, them, theirs,” is chosen instead of I, me, mine.

Choosing such grammatically incorrect pronouns is not about respecting and accepting those who are odd in their behavior or who suffer from dysphoria. It is a push for the collective. The drive towards communism could not be clearer. The Latin word “communis” which communism is derived from, means “shared,” “in common, collective.” The uniqueness of each individual is destroyed because all are forced to share the same thoughts and goals of the community, and no more individuality is allowed, it is forbidden.

The goal of destroying all children’s sexual identity, letting them transgender without their parents’ knowledge, aside from taking away the parental rights and their children’s ability to reproduce, is to turn them into slaves to the one-world government.

Globalist “values” and perverted sexuality are to be accepted as the new normal

Globalist “values” and perverted sexuality are to be accepted as the new normal. This reality of the new normal will be turned into social policy, after which these insane norms become the law of the land in each country. Should you break this law, you are to be punished. It is already suggested by millennials that those who “misgender” them should be jailed because it is “hate speech.” Just asking questions can become hate speech and thus punishable by law. (ZeroHedge, July 16, 2023)

Not even Trotsky and Stalin could devise a more devious way to enslave the masses through language and propaganda. After the successful Soviet Revolution in 1917, the duo declared their intent to establish a world communist society. They used propaganda and historical deception to convince the rest of the world to adopt communism. To that end, the international communist movement in other countries became an adjunct to Soviet policy.

A drive was launched by the international communist movement against “social fascism” as an effort by Stalin to eliminate the “right-wing” rivals in the Soviet Union. He had already eliminated the “left-wing” rivals. The Comintern (Communist International) instructed all the communist parties around the world to begin an attack against “social fascism.”

What was “social fascism”?

What was “social fascism”? It was an invented theory that social democracy was a variant of fascism which stood in the way of the dictatorship of the proletariat and advocated for a “shared corporatist economic model.”

Stalin saw the social democrats and the fascist forces as being in the way of his communist proletariat’s revolution. He launched an intense language propaganda to achieve his goals. Germany bought Stalin’s propaganda without question and the communists, and the socialists fought each other while Hitler’s fascists became more powerful. Eventually Hitler destroyed both the communists and the socialists in Germany.

Only when Stalin realized his terrible role in the development of fascism in the world, did he change his ill-advised policy. In 1935 all communist parties around the world adopted a united front tactic to fight fascism.

The Communist Party USA infiltrated and organized groups in their prime target, the “intellectuals.” When the communists used the word “intellectuals,” they meant teachers, writers, artists, scientists, doctors, and entertainers. With their help communism grew exponentially in the U.S.


Soviet communism became a form of communist imperialism built on human misery and suffering

The Soviet Union exported and built their brand of communism into countries around the world using propaganda language, financial assistance, apparatchiks, technology bribes, and other means. Soviet communism became a form of communist imperialism built on human misery and suffering.

According to communist dogma, the communist expansion had to continue until world communism was achieved and “true peace prevailed throughout the world.” What they really meant to do was to crush all opposition and then rule with an iron fist on a heap of helpless people.

Today, it is not Russia ruling over the world with an iron fist as Stalin had envisioned, it is corporatist billionaires and their NGOs. Their goal is one world governance by the ultra-rich, bankrupting everyone else into poverty, and reducing population to a “manageable size” determined by billionaires who know what is best for humans and for the planet.


Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh — Bio and Archives

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Ileana Writes is a freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life Support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


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