The MLB Just Hit PC Ingratiation Out of the Ballpark


Do you know what Major League Baseball just did? They altered the record books illogically. They did it because of the Jim Crow laws that kept Black players out of Major League baseball, but you can’t correct rotten history with fake history. Yet, that’s what they did.

There never should have been a Negro League, but the racists, like Joe Biden and his friends, wanted segregation. Black players should have had the same opportunities and didn’t.

MLB decided the way to fix the past is to put up false equivalency and incorporate the Negro League stats into the MLB, displacing the top MLB scorers. The Negro League only played among themselves with limited competition.  They didn’t face the same people in a different venue. They didn’t play against each other. What were their fields like? You can’t compare the two leagues. Maybe the Negro players were much better. Maybe they were not as good. Who knows? We can’t know, and that’s the point.

It’s like taking the USFL and including their stats with the NFL’s. I have no skin in this game, but it’s just a PC ingratiation with no logic attached.

The MLB says it repairs the past, but you can never repair what happened long ago. You certainly can’t do it with fake history.

If you point out the illogic, you’ll be called a snowflake or a racist. What else is new?

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