Professor: The Open Society Foundations Indoctrinating Young People



Gennady Shkliarevsky


The Open Society Foundations is an organization created by George Soros for ostensibly philanthropic purposes.  However, the real agenda of the OSF has little to do with philanthropy.  The true mission of this organization is to remake the world according to the vision of George Soros.  In pursuing its global operations, the OSF tries to weaken governments, destabilize economies, take over mass media, and implement regime change by staging revolution and organizing riots.

Many countries have recognized the danger that the OSF represents and have expelled this organization from their territories.  As a result of the involvement of the OSF in fomenting the ongoing unrest in Myanmar, the rulers of this country have banned Soros’s organization and arrested the head of its Myanmar branch.

The activities of the OSF in America are no different from what the organization is doing in other parts of the world.  The OSF actively supports riots by BLM and Antifa that have been rocking this country since 2016.

One of the OSF policies is to take over and weaponize the American educational system.  The goal is to radicalize America’s young people and turn them into enemies of their own country.  This policy tries to turn young Americans into enemies of their own country and ruin the system of education.

Bard College, a small liberal arts school in upstate New York, is a good example of the deadly impact that Soros and his organization may have on American educational institutions.  Bard College have recently partnered with the OSF to launch a major educational initiative.  They have created the Open Society University Network (OSUN) to indoctrinate young people around the world in the gospel of George Soros.

The cooperation with the OSF has dramatically changed Bard College.  The functionaries of the OSF are practically running the college these days.  The college’s curriculum, hiring, and other activities are coordinated with the OSF.  Under benign labels, the college creates programs that advance the OSUN radical agenda.  For example, Bard has recently introduced a new program that gives certificates in “civic engagement”—a code term for fomenting civil unrest.  The college also organizes conferences and panel discussions that promote the OSF agenda.  The real purpose of one most recent symposium on justice and equity is essential to promoting the so-called critical race theory.  Bard also awards research grants on topics relevant to the OSF agenda.

As a result of these changes, Bard that always was on the radical side of the spectrum has become the training ground for indoctrinating students in the ideology of George Soros.  Under the leadership of OSF operatives, Bard mobilizes its students in supporting the causes instigated by the OSF.  In his recent message to the college community, Leon Botstein, president of Bard, has tried to use the recent tragedy in Georgia in which several people of Asian descent were gunned down.  In his message Botstein writes:

“On behalf of the entire Bard community, I want to express our outrage and our sympathy for the victims and their families. The six Asian women who lost their lives, workers in low-paying jobs during the pandemic, were among the most vulnerable within our communities. These murders add a brutal chapter to our long national history of xenophobia and misogyny aimed specifically at Asians and Asian-Americans.”

The malicious intent of this message is clear to everyone.  Many media sources have reported that the tragedy in Atlanta had little to do with racial bias.  According to reports, the gunman’s motivation was his “sexual addiction.”  Like the fictional character in the movie “Taxi Driver,” Robert Aaron Long killed to fight his “temptation.”  Yet Botstein disregards this information and turns the deranged maniac into a racist.  He spins this horrible episode to foment hatred and spread more unrest in this country.

A nation has a right to protect itself from external and internal enemies.  There is no question that the OSF is the enemy of America.  Its policies are ruining America and cause a great deal of suffering to the American people.  How long can America tolerate this malicious subversion?  Like many other countries, America must put an end to this outrage.  It should expel the OSF from American soil.


Gennady Shkliarevsky is a Professor Emeritus of History at Bard College, New York


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2 years ago

I believe we had the chance to lock Soros up or at the very least, crack down on his nefarious actions. Where other countries have, we failed to do so. Who will stop him now? Even his spawn is following in his footsteps. Their tentacles reach far and wide.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This man is the devil and needs to be removed from society. These greedy toadies like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden , Harris and just the DNC and their militia mobs.

Jorgy Jorgelsen
Jorgy Jorgelsen
2 years ago

A destabilization engine by misanthropic philanthropists posing as humanitarians when they hate all of humanity.
Who made the world their Play-Doh ball ant farm?