The swamp lives! AG Barr won’t appoint a special counsel on voter fraud


Bill Barr appeared on TV this morning to talk about the charges against a Lockerbie bomber. He plans to add another bomber to the indictments. The men are probably in Libya. It was a terrible event and will give the families of the victims some consolation. However, some people will have a problem with something else he said.

Continuing his disappointing performance as attorney general, he also said he sees no reason to appoint a special counsel to investigate voter fraud in this year’s presidential election, the WSJ reports.

There appears to be some minimal investigation, but that’s going to be it.

Barr said he “was sure there was fraud in this election,” but so far he hasn’t found “broad-based fraud “that would overturn this election.

The agency is looking for systemic fraud and doesn’t appear to have found any.  Nevertheless, Barr has said in the past that mail-in voting is corrupt. It’s basically subject to ballot stuffing.

The attorney general said he believes the investigation into the son of President-elect Joe Biden is ‘being handled responsibly and professionally.’

We are still waiting for the Durham report and Barr himself admitted some people did attempt to “topple the administration.” Yet, only one sap is going off to prison.

While Mr. Barr seems confident, we aren’t. How did this senile old guy promoting high taxes, open borders, reparations, gun confiscation, and so on, get 84 million votes?  he can’t even get people to his events. He has a mental problem. His unlikeable commie running mate won over 84 million people? This was after the President increased his numbers by six million or so.


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