The True Story of Pvt. King Who Is Now in North Korea


You have to watch the video; it’s very funny and unbelievable.

Private King is from Racine, Wisconsin; escaping his hard street life, he went “into the loving arms of Uncle Sam and became a cavalry scout in the first armored division on deployment in South Korea in September 2022.”

Private Travis T. King is immersing himself in the local culture, learning the ways of the Korean people, and beating the Hell out of a nightclub goer.

He was given a second chance.

A few weeks later, Private King is involved in another altercation. This time the local South Korean authorities detain him. When they place him in a police car, he begins insulting the Korean people, and the Korean culture. You can do a lot of things in Korea as a US serviceman, but you can’t insult them.

“They will take that stuff to heart and run with it. So he begins causing thousands of dollars of damage in the back of this police car, which is really impressive because it’s a Kia.

“Well, the US army realizes they have a problem on their hands now!”
Private Travis T. King

“They put him in army detention pending trial in February 2023. He pleads guilty and pays $4000 of damage to public property. The army keeps him in detention until July 2023. They then decide they can’t keep him in South Korea forever.

“They have to bring him back to the States at some point, so they book him on a commercial flight from Korea to the United States, and this is where it’s clear the US army “is underestimating this young man, not using him to his full potential, as we will soon see.

“Because the US army booked a commercial flight. The military police escorting him to the airport could only take him to the check-in because they didn’t have their own tickets. This left Private King alone unsupervised at an international port of entry – this gave Private King options.

“What should he do? Should he return to the United States for further disciplinary action or should he book a guided tour and experience South Korean culture one more time? Yeah, that’s right, folks. Let’s do that.

“Private King does not get on that flight to the United States. Oh no, no, no, he booked that guided tour to the joint security area on a short bus ride …to the DMZ folks. That’s right, That’s what you do.

“When he got to the DMZ and got off the bus, multiple witness accounts confirmed he ran into North Korea using Tom Cruise knife-hand-running technique, and one witness alleged that Private King shouted “times up, let’s do this,” as he crosses the border.”

Private King is now in North Korea, and we expect he’ll be used as a bargaining chip.


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