Prince Harry and Meghan Separate Over Their “Non-Identity”


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly on a ‘trial separation’ amid nasty fights, financial pressure, and opposing lifestyles. Divorce papers might have been filed.

The scoop about their non-identity damaging their marriage:

As some reports indicate, Meghan allegedly plans to file for divorce and wants sole and full custody of the children. However, that might not be so simple.

According to reports, the royal family operates with a strange custody agreement when its couples have their children, which states that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has full legal custody over the young royals. Royal expert Marlene Koenig told news outlets: “The sovereign has legal custody of the minor grandchildren.”

Koenig continued: “This goes back to King George I [who ruled in the early 1700s], and the law’s never been changed. He did it because he had a very poor relationship with his son, the future King George II, so they passed this law that meant the King was the guardian of his grandchildren.”

Meghan Markle

However, they’re living in America, and that doesn’t fly here. Also, she’s ruthless and will start making up stories about Harry and the Royal family. Harry should have listened to Queen Elizabeth, who, along with Prince William, tried to convince him not to marry her.

Queen Elizabeth II allegedly told people she was sorry her grandson Harry met Meghan Markle. She called Meghan “evil” and their courtship a “complete catastrophe.”

The dignified monarch “saw through Meghan Markle” and made the uncharacteristic remarks at a reception in Balmoral in August, weeks before she died. This is according to a source who spoke with the Spectator.

Prince Harry faces a brutal opponent. She’s a terrible person.


As spilled by a palace insider to the publication ARY News, Harry plans a solo trip to his “second home,” Africa, to find himself. Meanwhile, his former actress wife has embarked on a journey to establish her personal brand and professional ventures. The Prince has a hotel room set up upon his return from Africa.

As further informed by an anonymous insider to a foreign publication, ARY claims the couple was under an immense financial crunch to fund their lavish lifestyle in California, including the $14 million mansion and huge security costs, after they lost on their mega deal with audio platform Spotify last month. That led to them selling “their mansion” in Montecito. T

However, a source close to the couple assured the publication that the rumors are not entirely true, confirming that the two are indeed taking time apart as Harry heads to Africa for the new Netflix documentary.

“That stress, coupled with their emotional issues, has likely made life a living hell. Taking time apart on different continents will hopefully help them find whatever they need to move on,” the source added.

They have another woke show confirmed on Netflix that few will watch.

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