The Unfunny Clown World of San Francisco & Their Wild Bikers


Anarchy rules in San Francisco, but it’s not just San Francisco. We have the wild bikers in New York. The illegal aliens have bikes with no plates, and they ride all over. The same goes for hundreds riding around wildly on major New York City roads every Sunday. They’re a threat, but Adams won’t do a thing.

Now San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott won’t release mugshots unless there is an imminent danger or a missing person.

I know this comment will get me in trouble but it’s the truth. All this does is hide the fact that a certain type of person is inclined to beat up Asian and Jewish people. It doesn’t help to hide reality and truth. It’s better to deal with it and you can’t deal with it unless you’re honest.

We have the same problem in New York. Mayor Adams is in Israel right now trying to find out how to stop anti-Semitism. The immediate solution would be to arrest and keep the people who attacked Jewish people in prison. But he won’t do that, and he’s doing it based on race.

The people who do these things are largely from one-parent families who have suffered deprivation of some sort, even abuse. They are exposed to gangs and have poor educations. We need to deal with that.

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