The White House Plans Digital IDs in a Digital ID Ecosystem


According to Reclaim the Net, the White House has presented its National Security Strategy. It includes investing in digital IDs for security and efficiency. It happens to be exactly what the UN, the WEF, WTC, and World Bank are calling for.

There isn’t a lot of detail, but alarm bells are ringing. Biometrics is mentioned once.

As usual, it comes under the guise of security.

Strategic Objective 4.5

Here is the 4-paragraph section in the 35-page document that speaks about supporting development of a digital identity “ecosystem.”

They plan “fundamental change” to the realm of internet and communications data services giants.

What could go wrong?

For starters…

The government calls for a “close” public-private undertaking. Usually that means corporations can do the dirty work they are not allowed to do. It would involve “real-time” “sharing.”

In addition to security, the White House claims they want efficiency to secure equity [Marxism].

To allegedly protect civil liberties, states are coming up with digital driver’s license pilots.

“Biometric industry observers note that the strategy seems to be promising tech companies that it will not opt for strong regulation of their activities by saying that while they must be liable for the security of software, it must also be recognized that even advanced software security programs can’t prevent all vulnerabilities,” Reclaim the Net states.

The White House is interested even if they over-regulate.

Top-Down Control Forever [Think WEF, WTC and World Bank]

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