The women accusing King Cuomo don’t have any proof yet


It’s easy to be thrilled with the takedown of Andrew Cuomo, the soon-to-be former Governor of New York since he is an unpleasant thug. He deserves what he’s getting after the way he treated Justice Kavanaugh and his complete disregard of due process. Cuomo also abused Donald Trump and lied constantly about his role in the pandemic. Mostly, he deserves it for the way he treated elderly people with COV. However, the case against him on sexual abuse is devoid of facts so far.

Legally, he probably doesn’t deserve the grief.

The so-called attorney general, Letitia James’ report is a joke legally. You should read it. She admits bias and claims she believes the women. She actually says we should believe the women. You shouldn’t believe women over men. Believe facts!

Some of the complaints from the women are petty to the point of the absurd and you can see one, in particular, in the clip below. It’s the most harmless interaction between a doctor who is giving a nasal swab and the governor. She was wearing a baggy medical gown and all he said is she makes that gown look good. The doctor claims it was harassment.

There’s more in the clip below, but basically, Newsmax host Greg Kelly isn’t buying it and radio host Jesse Kelly calls it a palace coup. That is likely what it is.

Meanwhile, the idiots in our state legislature want to impeach Cuomo after he leaves office. That is not what impeach means.

Cuomo was always a thug so why now, after 11 years as governor? The reason it’s now important is that the hard-left wants someone to the left of Cuomo. He’s not as bad as some of the people coming up from the communist left. Cuomo has some awareness of not overspending and raising taxes through the roof.

It’s not just replacing him. This was spurred on by the deaths in the nursing homes. He told other governors to do the same thing. By getting rid of him with sexual accusations, they don’t have to deal with the nursing home issue. The governors who followed his lead in New Jersey, Michigan, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania don’t have to answer for their corrupt handling of COV with the elderly.

AOC probably already has her candidate selected. And you have corrupt people like Al Sharpton, Letitia James, Kathy Hochul, Bill de Blasio planning to run for governor.

When will someone care about all the elderly thousands who died in nursing homes as he sent the hospital ship away?


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