Their Own People Don’t Like the G7 Leaders


According to the New York Times, the G7 leaders are unpopular at home. None have the majority support of the people they allegedly represent. The Times says it emphasizes the deep political divide in the West.

The unpopular G7, at home and abroad.

Popular support at home; Giorgia Meloni 49%, Joe Biden – 42% [no one believes it’s that high], Justin Trudeau, 39%, Olaf Scholz -34%, Rishi Sunak -33%, Fumio Ksihida -31%, Emmanuel Macron -25%, un lected Ursala Von Der Leyen is probably the bottom of the barrel.

Coincidentally they are all warmongering and cater to The World Economic Forum and other globalist entitites. The WEFers aren’t popular, who knew.

“For Mr. Biden and his counterparts from the world’s leading industrial powers, it is an age of democratic discontent when electorates seem perpetually dissatisfied with the presidents and prime ministers they have chosen. Each leader is in hot water for different reasons, but their shared struggles highlight the fragility of free societies in a time of deep political and cultural divisions,” says Peter Baker for the Times.

Actually, it says more about our resistance to our WEF-chosen leaders by WEFers [World Economic Forum body snatchers] who poured money and propaganda into elections.

The Times:

“The upshot,” said Suzanne Maloney, director of the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution, “is an environment in which the leaders of the world’s most powerful democracies have to engage with an ever more challenging world, even as they’re on shaky ground at home. This can fuel doubts among our allies and overconfidence among our adversaries, and leave us all more vulnerable as a result.”

They’re causing it with their loopy ideas! They don’t listen, just mandate.

The Times:

“My instinct is the low polling numbers are more a reflection of growing polarization in a number of these societies,” said Michael Abramowitz, president of Freedom House, a Washington-based organization that encourages democracy around the world. “Biden could be paving the streets with gold and half the country would disapprove. Obviously, democracies need to do a better job, but there’s little evidence that authoritarians can do a better job.”

He thinks freedom fighters in the Republican party are the authoritarians. Therein lies the problem. Freedom House President Abramowitz wants democracy as in WEF and socialism, not our Constitutional Republic.

Abramowitz says he “doesn’t get it.” Indeed he doesn’t and Biden doesn’t either.

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