Shocking, Shocking News About Migrants Housed in NYC


Michael Savage has followed the money on this migrant [illegal alien] business unleashing Hell on America. We’ll never come back from this, and the people promoting it make millions of dollars a month. Some beneficiaries are foreign enemies. This looks like treason to me. Please tell me what you think.

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The Roosevelt Hotel, which is being used to put up illegal aliens in style while homeless Black people and veterans live on the streets, is owned by the Pakistanis. I saw Michael Savage discussing it on Rob Schmitt last night, but Savage has done more research.

Savage gave the host some shocking information in the Liberty Daily clip below.

Roosevelt Hotel

The following is a rough, partial transcript.

“The Holiday Inn, New York City, the world’s tallest Holiday Inn – no one’s covered that yet. It’s owned by Golden Seahorse LLC, a China-based developer” owns it, says Michael Savage. “It was a bankrupt hotel, the world’s tallest Holiday Inn.

“Well, he’s just done a deal with the New York City Health and Hospitals division, which leads the illegal alien shelter program.”

You’re not going to believe this next bit of information.

The China-based company could reach $190 per room per day for hosting illegal immigrant families. And if the 50-story, 432-room hotel hits its peak occupancy, we found it could add up to more than $93,000 a day at $2.8 million a month of taxpayer money to house these; you know, I have only one word for them, leeches.

[Where is this money coming from?]

“We keep hearing they come here to work,” Savage says. “Tell me how they’re working, living in a 200, 400 a night room. What are they going to a job in New York? What job are they going to, right? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs?

[They can work with the cartels pouring in with drugs.]

The China-based company will “be getting about $93,000 a day thanks to the illegal immigrants… $2.8 million a month!”

“But it gets even worse. We did more research just for your show that I’ve not yet released. If you got another minute for this, where is the money coming from, and where is it going, Lydia? I looked into the New York City comptroller’s reports to get the information exclusively for your show today, and here it goes. City agency DSS vendor, Catholic Charities Community Services $6.7 million. That’s in one city for illegal alien services.

“Now people say I’m picking on Catholic Charities. They have as much to do with Catholicism as my dog does. I’m Jewish. I have as much to do with it as they do. the fact is, it’s not a Catholic organization. It’s a wholly owned business using a nonprofit status to rake in this kind of money…”

“There are others. Lutheran social services of New York; there are also some Jewish groups like the Hebrew Home Aid Society or whatever.

“…this is huge because it’s always – follow the money. It’s always about the money. It’s about power. Democrats lining pockets. They don’t care about the illegal migrants. They just want to get rich off of them, that’s all. It’s a cash cow business…

“And soon Americans, native Americans like me, will need a sanctuary from the Hell on earth that Biden and the Democrat crooks have created with their sanctuary cities. Where are we going to go? To the moon?”

[We could go to El Salvador. The President is kicking the gangs out of the country or imprisoning them, which has Biden non-plussed. Criminals are an important voting bloc for his Progressive party. I don’t see how we come back from this.]


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