There Goes Rod Rosenstein, Resigned or Fired, He’s Gone — Oh No, He’s Back


The White House has addressed the rumors about Rod Rosenstein. He has not resigned but did attend a substantive meeting at the White House this morning in his capacity of White House DAG.

Rosenstein is still the U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Reuters reported.

The person confirmed that the topic of resigning did come up in discussions with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly over the weekend, but said the Axios report that Rosenstein had officially resigned was incorrect.

Sarah Sanders cleared things up.

Who is leaking all this stuff? Rosenstein? It’s unlikely Rosenstein will go quietly with a simple resignation.


Deputy Attorney General has resigned verbally to Chief of Staff John Kelly in anticipation of being fired, according to The Washington Times. An announcement from Bloomberg states the White House accepted his offer to resign.

A source close to Rosenstein says he didn’t resign.

This is all coming about after a story was published in the NY Times about Rosenstein. Rosenstein talked last year about invoking the 25th Amendment and wearing a wire during Trump meetings, the N.Y. Times’ Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt reported last week. He denied both allegations.

The President is not at the White House.

According to reports in April, Attorney General Jeff Sessions would consider resigning if Rod Rosenstein is fired. he reportedly made the comments to White House counsel Don McGahn.

Mr. Rosenstein will hammer President Trump once he’s out and since he’s in charge of Robert Mueller, that situation will become even more chaotic.

Be prepared for the leftists to take to the streets.


Fox News is hearing he resigned in anticipation of resigning. House members were going forward with articles of impeachment if he didn’t appear before them to explain the comments ascribed to him by the NY Times.


MoveOn has planned their usual protests/riots for this week in the even Rosenstein was fired. Twitter is lighting up with the enraged leftists. They are accusing Trump of firing him because he is allied with Putin and wants to squash the Russia probe.



reports on air that a senior administration official tells her Rosenstein submitted his resignation to John Kelly.

Solicitor general Noel Francisco immediately takes over the Mueller probe no matter what.

  • Trump didn’t ask him to resign. Rodentstien quite because he knows he will face less charges, if an, by not being an employee at the time the SHTF (seals are broken) and he and many others swampie, traitor, commie, bolschevic, jewish, freemasonic, mormon. scientioligists, wiccans, luciferians……etc on and on, in other words, NOT Christians.

    • Christian, you obviously know nothing about the Freemasons or you wouldn’t have made such a stupid statement. As a Freemason I can assure you that every Masonic meeting begins and ends with a prayer. All meetings are conducted with a bible on the alter in the center of the room, opened to the Gospel of Saint John. George Washington and most of our founding fathers were Masons. Virtually all of the founders of the Republic of Texas were Masons, including Steven F. Austin.

      You and many others are likely freaked out because the Masonic rituals are all committed to memory, with nothing written down. You apparently fear the unknown and attribute bad things to the unknown. Many deeply devoted Christians are Masons, including pastors. I doubt that you could qualify as a Mason.

    • Chris ….you are quite insane, are you not? Rosenstein didn’t quit (note the spelling). Your maniacal comment is so out-of-reality it doen’t need refutation.

  • Save Trump the job of having to fire him if he indeed has resigned. I am with Jason I think it was bait for Trump to fire him so some other obstruction charge could be hashed together. The current obstruction case is baloney as Rosenstein reccomended Trump fire Comey and his name was attached to the FISAs total witch hunt.