There really is strong evidence the officer did not murder George Floyd


The preliminary autopsy does show that there is evidence Officer Chauvin could be acquitted of murder, and possibly even manslaughter. The media reports about Mr. Floyd dying from having his throat compressed were not accurate.

Mr. Floyd died on Monday after being held down by four officers after his arrest for suspicion of passing a forged $20 bill. One of those officers kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

On Thursday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman stressed the need to see all the evidence before jumping to a conclusion regarding the death of George Floyd.

Addressing reporters at a Thursday afternoon press conference, Freeman mentioned that he had seen evidence that might exonerate the officer who killed George Floyd, The Washington Examiner reported.

“My job, in the end, is to prove he violated a criminal statute, and there’s other evidence that does not support a criminal charge,” Freeman said. “We need to wade through all of that evidence and to come through with a meaningful determination, and we’re doing that to the best of our ability.”

We reported that he died of asphyxiation. Judge Jeanine was on Fox & Friends reporting that he died from asphyxiation. Those reports were bogus.

Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions. The officials haven’t gotten the results of the drug tests yet, and that could have been another factor. The 911 caller from the store where Mr. Floyd tried to pass the counterfeit bill confronted the buyer outside. The caller said there was something wrong with Mr. Floyd. He thought he might be drunk.

Meanwhile, Officer Chauvin, mostly in response to rioting radical groups, was charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter early Friday.

CBS correspondent David Begnaud explained that this is the preliminary autopsy. Dr. Baden will perform a private autopsy.

The autopsy does support the prosecutors original statement. Officer Chauvin behaved badly, but murder?

Correction: We added the comment about the 9/11 caller thinking Mr. Floyd was drunk.

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