Flynn-Kislyak calls declassified, sent to Cap Hill, reportedly show Flynn was innocent


This article is updated.

Transcripts of the General Flynn phone calls with former Russian Ambassador Kislyak were forwarded to Senators Johnson, chair of Homeland Security Committee, Rubio, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Graham, chair of the Senate Judiciary. According to investigative reporter John Solomon, they will show the conversation were pretty much what General Flynn, then-NSA Flynn said they were.

There was very little conversation between the men and almost nothing about sanctions. The conversation mostly focused on getting Russian President Putin to not retaliate for sanctions, according to Solomon.

This information is an early report by Mr. Solomon on Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon. If true, it’s stunning.

Flynn and Kislyak reached an agreement on that, but instead of being lauded, he was targeted.


Politico reports they discussed sanctions at length. I guess it depends on what they were actually talking about.

During the Dec. 29 call with Kislyak, the pair discussed sanctions at length, despite Flynn’s denials later, Politico states.

“[T]he idea is, be — if you — if you have to do something, do something on a reciprocal basis, meaning you know, on a sort of an even basis,” Flynn said later in the call. “Then that, then that is a good message and we’ll understand that message. And, and then, we know that we’re not going to escalate this thing, where we — where because if we put out — if we send out 30 guys and you send out 60, you know, or you shut down every Embassy, I mean we have to get this to a – let’s, let’s keep this at a level that uh is, is even-keeled, okay? ls even-keeled. And then what we can do is, when we come in, we can then have a better conversation about where, where we’re gonna go, uh~ regarding uh, regarding our relationship. And also, basically, we have to take these, these enemies on that we have. And we definitely have a common enemy. You have a problem with it, we have a problem with it in this country, and we definitely have a problem with it in the Middle East.


Dan Bongino said it’s fake news. Shocker! Bongino said the conversation was about the expulsions, not sanctions. Those were two separate issues. President Obama issued the sanctions the day before he issued the proclamation for expulsions.


The documents were declassified by the Acting DNI Ric Grennell and forwarded to Capitol Hill by the new DNI John Ratcliffe.

“As I stated throughout the confirmation process, transparency is vital to allowing the American people to have confidence in the Intelligence Community. As the Director of National Intelligence, it is my obligation to review declassification requests with the overarching priority of protecting sources and methods, while also providing transparency whenever possible,” Ratcliffe said in a statement.

“Accordingly, today the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declassified transcripts concerning Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn,” he added.

It looks like they will show Flynn was indeed set up and pled guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. Allegedly, they will show he did not lie about his conversations with Kislyak, the crime for which he was charged.

Senator Johnson wants subpoena power and he wants to call Jim Comey.




  1. “We the People;…” do NOT CARE whether the General talked with Kislyak; BUT!

    We DO CARE whether the General was innocent by PROOF! NOW WE KNOW!!! HE IS!!!

    And that damned fool, (trying to stretch out an innocent man’s life, by false arguments), NEEDS to be DISBARRED!!! AND!

    General Flynn NEEDS TO BE SET FREE!! AND! Thoroughly compensated for his time & his families security!!!

  2. I guess I’m just Too much of a skeptic. WHY was it sent to Congress instead of directly to the public. I was concerned that Ratcliffe was nominated even though he did fairly well in Congress. But,,, he was a leader when all the FISA abuse was being unveiled and instead of holding up re-authorization, he held up the hearings until After the law was re-authorized. Needless to say I was not too happy with that decision. We cannot forget that the vast majority in Congress are in Full Support of the current bureaucracy and always maintain it. I really didn’t expect Ratcliffe would automatically put it out to the public. Since it’s now in the hands of Congress I don’t expect it to be released any time soon. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I Do suspect the vote was hurried for Ratcliffe to keep Grinnell from ongoing releases to the public.

    • The DOJ had this evidence the entire time. It was used as an obscure basis to imtimidate Flynn into pleading guilty. The call was compared to the questioning to produce a non-existent lie. The DOJ had 3 years to present this evidence at the Flynn trial. Instead, it withheld the evidence, and relied on the confession given under duress.

      The senate blocked Ratcliffe before and as you say rushed through his nomination this time to get Grenell out, that was Trump’s plan. Of course the media will not give Trump credit for winning this fight. Notice how it went this time, Burr is out, Ratcliffe in.

      The senate is about to have hearings so Ratcliffe rushed the info over to them. It is nearly impossible to get the same evidence from the DOJ. The DOJ has been bypassed this time. This is another major embarrassment for Barr.

  3. Gee I wonder why/how hero Barr did not know about this. I guess he never heard of evidence, they keep that stuff over in the the DOJ.

    It’s part of the annoying exculpatory evidence Barr withheld from the defense. That’s obstruction, it is illegal. There was a time in which even the judge demanded it and he was denied.

  4. Well, the transcript was released by Grassley. Grassley had better have a fire in his belly after he has disparaged Trump in the past, and do something quick.

    I’ve read the Entire transcript and that is about as inconsequential a call as can be. Let’s see How the press tries to spin THIS.

  5. If anything; THIS is the most revealing and damning.

    Before General Flynn’s voce message turns on, there is an open line, barely audible chat.
    Someone asks Chernyshev, “Which agency are we talking about?” Chernyshev asks as to
    confirm if he understands the question and responds in the same time: “Which Agency hackers
    did the hacking? Believe me, Americans did hacked this all.”

  6. It will be Quite interesting to hear from the First Witness in the Congressional hearing, Rod Rosenstein, who wrote the scope memo against Flynn.

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