These Are Some Tweets Judge Merchan Said Violate His Order


Benny Johnson says Judge Merchan ordered Trump to delete these tweets that violate the gag order. He had until 2:15 to delete them, and he did. So Benny said it “would be a shame if they went viral on the Internet.” I agree. That would be terrible, so don’t share these tweets. We wouldn’t want to upset Judge Merchan. So here are several tweets he had to delete.

Stormy recently appeared in a Netflix special suggesting Donald Trump might be capable of killing her. We wouldn’t want anyone to see her statement saying there was no affair.

Cohen is a convicted liar. As for Pomerantz, everyone should know that he has left prestigious, high-paying jobs in the DOJ to take low-level positions temporarily to go after Donald Trump.

This is a comment by Jesse Watters he was not allowed to share since he doesn’t have free speech.

Cohen is a convicted liar, and he’s the star witness of this ridiculous case.


Attorney Keith Davidson was questioned by prosecutors. He represented Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He was questioned Tuesday by prosecutors about the negotiations that led to Daniels’ tabloid deal and hush money payment, which is at the center of the case against former President Donald Trump.

These are old cases, and McDougal has nothing to do with them. This isn’t a case about Trump cheating with a hooker. It’s a simple NDA case with paperwork errors. Thirty-four times, the paperwork was filed as a legal expense. Trump said the accountant had told him to do it that way. He hadn’t used him before.

Whether he cheated with these two is irrelevant. The prosecutors are throwing everything out to see what lands.

It’s rather ridiculous to think a man with his responsibilities would micro-manage these minute details.

Other witnesses included Michael Cohen’s former banker, Gary Farro, who provided details about paperwork tied to the $130,000 payment to Daniels, and Robert Browning, executive director of C-SPAN archives, whose testimony was used to enter videos featuring Trump into evidence.

it doesn’t matter if he paid them. It’s not a crime. There is no predicate for the probe.

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