Woke Northwestern University Caves to the Mob


Northwestern University’s weak administration is the first to cave. President Morton Schapiro is a bit of a disgrace, undermining every college by caving to terrorists and rewarding bad behavior.

Professor Jonathan Turley wrote a good article about his lack of leadership on this link.

He is going to form a committee to look into divesting from Israel and give Muslims special housing when they should be deported if they are foreigners.

The pro-Hamas radicals must remove tents, but they will be able to protest in the meadow without a sound system. Only students and staff will be able to protest.

“The university has also agreed to fund two visiting Palestinian faculty members each year and provide scholarships for five Palestinian undergraduates throughout their undergraduate careers. It will also provide and renovate a community building that can be used as a gathering space for Middle Eastern, North African, and Muslim students.”

“These tents might come down, but we don’t have to go anywhere,” said senior Jordan Muhammad. “We’re going not to stop fighting until we get a free Palestine.”

The Chicago Tribune played down the outrageous anti-Jewish protests. Schapiro drew equivalence to Muslims, falsely claiming they were suffering from racism.

Northwestern is a Progressive University. It’s Chicago, woke Evanston.

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