This is who the people are who cancel anyone who disagrees with them


As a youth George Washington studied the ideal man, then spent his life conforming himself to that ideal. He deliberately cultivated virtue and repressed frivolous desires that would prevent him from attaining it. This is a truer vision of freedom than what is offered today.

~ Dorian Schuyler Abbot

A professor on Twitter is calling attention to the latest victim of the cancel culture. This time the victim is a distinguished geophysicist who was slated to speak to MIT.

The cancel culture is actually the mob of totalitarians ruling over social media and networking in colleges and businesses to eliminate all opinions they disagree with. If you want to know who they are, read on to the end.


“Dorian Abbot is a geophysicist at the University of Chicago,” Professor Robert P. George begins. “He was to give MIT’s prestigious Carlson Lecture on Oct. 21. The topic was to be climates of extrasolar planets. Shamefully, MIT canceled the lecture under pressure from activists who objected to his political views.”

“Those who pressured MIT to cancel Dr. Abbot’s lecture oppose his views on “diversity, equity, and inclusion”: As you can see, these have nothing to do with the topic of his Carlson Lecture. The activists cancel anyone who dissents from their dogmas.”

This is one of the unacceptable statements Dr. Abbot made in an essay at Newsweek:

The words “diversity, equity, and inclusion” sound just, and are often supported by well-intentioned people, but their effects are the opposite of noble sentiments. Most importantly, “equity” does not mean fair and equal treatment. DEI seeks to increase the representation of some groups through discrimination against members of other groups. The underlying premise of DEI is that any statistical difference between group representation on campus and national averages reflects systemic injustice and discrimination by the university itself. The magnitude of the distortions is significant: for some job searches discrimination rises to the level of implicitly or explicitly excluding applicants from certain groups.

DEI violates the ethical and legal principle of equal treatment.

Professor George continued:

“It is impossible to exaggerate how disgraceful MIT’s capitulation to a mob’s demands to cancel Dr. Dorian Abbot’s lecture is. That he was qualified on the basis of his achievements as a geophysical scientist to give the Carlson Lecture was never questioned–nor could it be.”

This next statement is the most important statement he made. It’s not simply about the man. This is the politicization of science and science can’t survive politicization:

“MIT’s caving in to a cancel mob’s demand to disinvite a distinguished scientist who had been invited on the basis of his achievements to give an honorific lecture shows just how badly science today has been politicized. The integrity of science can’t survive politicization.

Professor George wants everyone to start speaking out against this.

“It’s time to stand up to these mobs and hold accountable institutions that capitulate to them. Let’s finally say enough is enough. “You yield to a mob; you’ll have to deal with us.”

If you go to Professor Dorian Abbot’s thread, you’ll find he forgives the cancel culture.

You would never know from the response how brutally he has been treated nor how long the siege has been.

Many of the demands these agitators make would result in the humiliation and social ostracization of Prof Abbot. They demand stripping him of titles, courses, and privileges. These people want the department to publicly denounce him and require DEI statements on all future department job applications.

Look at who these people are. You won’t be surprised:

We need fighters in these colleges and universities.

The morality and thought processes of the totalitarians who cancel others are dangerous.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a nonprofit group that supports free speech in institutions of higher education, published its 2021 College Free Speech Rankings on Tuesday. The rankings assess the free speech climate on various college and university campuses by surveying the students who go to school there. The survey gathered the opinions of more than 37,000 students at 159 of “America’s largest and most prestigious campuses,” FIRE said in a news release.

Compared to past surveys, this year more students expressed support for silencing speakers they don’t agree with, even by violent means. The survey found that 66% of students supported shouting down a campus speaker they don’t agree with, an increase of 4 percentage points from FIRE’s 2020 survey. Additionally, 23% supported using violence to stop a speaker, an increase of 5 percentage points from last year.

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Noah Was A Knower
Noah Was A Knower
2 years ago

What do the views have to do with the topic other than nothing?
Political views and whether or not they support degeneracy and egalitarianism should be separate.
These social media sewer hive mind borgs have been raised to burn this society to the ground and get the rivers of gore flowing.
They can smell it now like sharks and won’t be stopped because this society is too soft weak and stupid for freedom.
It gets pushed around by octogenarian apparatchiks and the keyboard Red Guards who must have a sterile conformity über alles world so that their bubble of unreality isn’t penetrated.
God and Lady Nature will penetrate it.

2 years ago

This article illustrates why it is impossible to utilize our institutions to rescue our Republic and civilization from the Marxist vermin that are so well organized to destroy all that is good, righteous and plentiful in our society. We must resolve to suspend the rules we have followed for the past 250 years and institute a short period of dictatorship during which we annihilate forever those Marxist vermin wholly dedicated to destroying our civilization and make certain they never again raise their Satanic heads to menace us or our descendants again.