This Is Why Gaza’s Arab Neighbors Won’t Take Them In


This is why Gaza’s Arab neighbors won’t take in Gazans. We should pay attention. Egypt isn’t taking them. Instead, they built a bigger wall to keep them out. The neighbors have all been there before.

The PLO approved the invasion of Kuwait. They also called for Jordan to be overthrown and caused chaos in the country. They have also destabilized Lebanon.

Democrats have opened the border, and Palestinians are among those pouring into the country. No one wants them for good reason. They don’t only kill Israelis.

Yet, the figurehead in the Oval Office wants to take Palestinians into the country and put them on a path to citizenship. The Marxists handling Biden must hate this country a great deal.

Democrats aren’t stupid. In fact, they are always one step ahead of Republicans. They know what they are doing.

As long as terrorist organizations are elected to rule over Palestinians, the horrors will go on.

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