This Is Why Mitch McConnell Sold Out America by Voting for a $1.2T Bill


Now that things are going so badly with an administration committed to turning the US into some kind of totalitarian Hell, you can see how awful some Republicans are. When things go well, it’s not as obvious. Some sold us out for pork in a $1.2 Trillion dollar socialist-inflation bill.

NY Rep. Nicole Malliotakis sold us out for a sea wall in Staten Island. Mitt Romney has $3 billion flowing to Utah to construct, rebuild and maintain roads and highways. It includes $214 million for running water to homes on the Navajo Nation, $219 million for a state water revolving fund and $50 million for the Central Utah Project.

Every one of the traitorous 19 Republicans who voted for it betrayed the nation to bring home the pork. Perhaps the worst offender is our leader, Mitch McConnell.

McConnell sold us out for a great deal of money for Kentucky. He obviously doesn’t care what it does to the USA or maybe he is a leftist at heart.

This bill is the first step to making the USA into a socialist state. “It’s a gateway to socialism,” said Marsha Blackburn.

“(It) is too expensive. It’s a down payment on the Green New Deal. Blackburn also called it “unbelievable that 9% of this bill goes to actual infrastructure. Yet this is being billed as an infrastructure bill.”

The bill changes SALT and lets the rich take higher deductions. It will increase inflation.

Spectrum News 1 Reports:

Once Biden signs the bill into law, Kentucky is set to see over $5 billion for infrastructure projects, including $4.6 billion for road and bridge repairs.

The Commonwealth will also see at least $100 million to expand broadband access through the state.

“This bipartisan legislation will provide billions of dollars here in Kentucky with funding going toward bridges, rural roads, public transportation and our electric vehicle charging network,” Gov. Andy Beshear said on Twitter Saturday. “This is what we’re supposed to do – come together to do the right things for the people of Kentucky.”

Biden hailed the passage of the bill as a “once-in-a-generation” investment that will create jobs, improve public works, and help restore America’s competitive edge.

Do any of these people care about the fall of the nation?

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