This is why next year the Emmys will attract 4 million viewers instead of 6


“Black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson delivered a cringeworthy unfunny rant about black victimhood at the Emmys. Only six million people watched. Maybe four million will watch next year.

His whole skit was racist and not funny.

As a BLM Marxist, Anderson demanded that fidgeting host Jimmy Kimmel shout the name of the Marxist terrorist organization Black Lives Matter. He called out, “Louder, Jimmy, louder!” Kimmel did as he was told.

Remember when Kimmel did the pretty funny Man Show? He couldn’t do that now. Humor is verboten.

The left has ruined comedy, education, entertainment, sports, science, news, social media, all media, with their PC cancel culture, racist identity politics, violence, gaslighting, and guilt trips.

Kimmel is now a leftist lap puppy. He caters to the new unfunny world of comedy the left insists we accept.

What a dark and dreary world they plan for us.

Corporations like Comcast, Warner, Disney, AT&T are forcing this dreary world on us and you can only get on TV if you abide by their rules.

We could eventually go back to Bingo Halls and Moose Lodges for some actual entertainment or hope that podcasts and streaming work out.

The entire demeaning monologue from the racist Blackish man is offensive.

This is mental slavery. Kimmel looks like a POW reading from Ho Chi Minh’s script.

Watch the two minutes as Jimmy acts like a puppet or a dog — woof! woof!:

The leftist plan for America is dark and confining. Forget freedom and equality. Movies are dying because all they do is shove liberal/leftist ideology down our throats. The same thing is going on in sports. And most Americans know the media are lying skunks.

The leftist/communist/socialist culture is dying and that doesn’t mean it’s going away. But people are getting sick of politics invading every aspect of their lives. They are waking up.

The drones chanting Black Lives Matter would never show up in Chicago and Baltimore because they really don’t give a damn, not really. Why don’t they take in a black foster child and prove their worth?

The Democrats have been consumed by thought leader AOC and all we see is violence and crazy BLM and antifa thugs.

Kimmel can behave like a trained seal if he wants but no one else has to. Do what you think is right.

President Trump is fighting against the evil critical race theory that has invaded our culture. We must join that fight to remain free. Defy the suffocating leftists. Trump is giving us an opportunity. Don’t squander it.

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