No, Bill Maher you loon, Judge Barrett does NOT speak in tongues


Last night, “Real Time” host Bill Mayer came unglued with a vulgar attack on Judge Amy Coney Barrett that even brought in hooker Stormy Daniels: “We’ll be saying this name a lot I’m sure because she’s a f—ing nut. . . ‘m sorry, but Amy [Coney] Barrett, Catholic — really Catholic. I mean really, really Catholic — like speaking in tongues. Like she doesn’t believe in condoms, which is what she has in common with Trump because he doesn’t either. I remember that from Stormy Daniels.”

That was an alleged affair with Stormy, Billy.

And NO, crazy Bill, Catholics don’t speak in tongues and neither does she. She is not in a cult, just in a very religious Catholic sect that still has priests speaking Latin at Mass.

He’s lying or ill-informed.

Judge Barrett has nothing to do with inspiring Handmaid’s Tale. That’s another lie. Newsweek did correct their story but the people who read it or part of it didn’t.

Liberal constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley has some excerpts worth noting:

Few Supreme Court nominees, let alone a still unnamed nominee, have been labeled as threatening to reduce all women to handmaiden birthing machines in a theocratic hellscape. Of course, the extraordinary career of Barrett should be a celebration of feminism. She graduated at the top of her law class, became a national thought leader, and ascended to one of the highest courts in the nation. She did that in her career while raising seven children, including two children adopted from Haiti…

…Imagine if Newsweek published a picture of the Taliban with that type of picture for a Muslim nominee. But Barrett is a devout Catholic, and some liberals have found a certain release in voicing raw intolerance for certain groups. Recently, many of us criticized statements attributed to Attorney General William Barr seeking out the use of sedition laws against rioters. However, instead of raising constitutional objections, Harvard professor Laurence Tribe raised the Catholic faith of Barr, writing, “It’s way beyond monarchical. It’s paranoid and dictatorial. Opus Dei, anyone?”

It did not matter that Barr is not a follower of the conservative Opus Dei movement. Tribe still portrayed him in the sinister light of a conservative Catholic. It is like someone disagreeing with Alan Dershowitz and noting that he is Jewish. In reality, however, the religious intolerance of Tribe is matched only by his religious ignorance. Opus Dei is not a gateway faith to monarchy and has nothing to do with such ideas and policies.

The Catholic faith of Barrett has been used to argue against her. During her appellate court confirmation hearing, Dianne Feinstein, who is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cited her Catholic beliefs as the reason “many of us on this side have a very uncomfortable feeling” and “the conclusion one draws is the dogma lives loudly within you. That is of concern.” Feinstein was referring to the writings of Barrett on her Catholic faith and the defense of morality in the law.

The whole column is worth reading.

The USA supports freedom of religion, there are no religious tests, and Democrats should be excoriated for attempting it. My father’s family came over in 1607. They were French and Dutch Protestant Huguenots who came over to avoid religious persecution. My mother’s family were Irish Catholics who came over due to persecution by Protestant Brits. I will never dishonor their legacy and will continue to always speak out against attacks on religion.

Judge Barrett has made it clear that her personal feelings do not influence her judicial decisions — SHE FOLLOWS THE CONSTITUTION.

The left is also demonizing her because of her two Haitian children. They’re despicable.

Meet her children: She has two black children and a little boy with Down Syndrome.



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