Thousands of Climate Morons March with Communist Flags Waving


Loons lead thousands with commie flags.

While thousands marched past the White House with hundreds waving communist flags, the media ignored it. The Hill and other media outlets praised the march but didn’t bother to mention the red flags. They had an entire story around “nine clever signs from the climate march” but never noticed the communists.

The NY Times said these leftist clowns were “alarmed by Trump’s environmental agenda”. Fox said “tens of thousands protest Trump’s climate policies”.

They are indeed loons.

The Climate March today was a communist march which isn’t a surprise to many of us. The extremists in the movement want control of the populace, in part, to destroy Capitalism and to promote cultural Marxism.

One loon wants us to “decolonize our minds”. Some people should never get their hands on a mic, certainly true of this screaming Mimi.

The black “NO” signs are courtesy of communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

They left their dirt behind – worldwide – as usual.

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6 years ago

In addition, Earth Day, International Women’s Day, march for Science and even Cannabis Day all have the same corporate communitarian philosophy behind it. There’s more background on and

6 years ago

When people don’t know what a communist flag looks like. Y’ALL NEED GOOGLE!