Tonight, Corn Pop Will Boast That His Economic Plan Is Breaking Records


Corn Pop, who gave us inflation, stagnant salaries, no job growth, and millions of new welfare recipients worldwide, will run on his economy tonight in his State of the Union (SOTU).

At the State of the Union tonight, Biden will say he will continue his booming economy by taxing the rich and helping the poor [building his welfare state].

He will continue to focus on equity [Marxism] and investment [taxing] in health care and infrastructure.

He will blather the opposite of reality for those of us in the real world:

President Biden will claim credit on Tuesday night for policies that he says have made the country safer, more prosperous, and less divided while also using his second State of the Union address to warn against embracing the economic agenda of his Republican adversaries.

Not a word of that is true. He will claim the answer to our concerns is this:

aides said Mr. Biden will say, is to continue the path he has set: higher taxes on the rich, increased aid to the needy, a determined focus on equity, and more government investment in health care, climate change, and infrastructure.

Biden has spent trillions causing inflation. He increased the debt and deficit but will claim he has done the opposite. Corn Pop did reduce the deficit from the extraordinary high he caused.

He plans to spend more money on “free” child care and paid leave in his quest to make us into a socialist nation.

In line with his many successes, he is destroying Maine:

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1 year ago

Corn Pop, better know as Traitor Joe, will just lie and blow smoke up our asses for an hour. People will watch because you just can’t not watch a a bunch of Clowns in a Tiny Clown Car pulled by a Jackass having a wreck with an Elephant. Pissing off an Elephant is never a good idea! Corn Pop has pissed off the whole herd of Elephants and even a few of the Jackasses.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I hope Mc does not do goo goo eyes on Biden, like Ryan did on Obama each time he was glorified by Barack’s presence.