Mob of Trans Insurrectionists Storm the OK Capitol


A mob of trans insurrectionists stormed the Oklahoma Capitol to demand mutilation surgeries and puberty blockers for children. The militants call the mutilation of minors “healthcare.” There might be some rare cases where it makes sense, but not in the overwhelming majority of cases. It’s ideology, not healthcare.

The storming of Oklahoma’s capitol was in response to a Republican Senate Bill 129, banning gender reassignment surgery for anyone under 26. It was done to protect youth.

Oklahoma state senator David Bullard who filed the bill, stated, “Senate Bill 129 is designed to protect our children from those who want to benefit financially at their expense. Child abuse is a felony in our state, and mutilating a young person’s genitalia should be viewed no differently.”

No insurrectionists were arrested for storming the Capitol and stopping the order of business.

Some normal LGBs like this group are trying to split from the crazies.

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