Tony Blinken shows the CCP he will kowtow


In a tweet, Secretary of State Antony Blinken showed that he will serve as the Chinese Communist Party’s puppet in the case of Hong Kong. This is as the CCP are threatening to invade Taiwan without pushback from the US.

The Chinese communists are quietly dismantling the entire democracy in Hong Kong and terrorizing the people. For a brief moment, our secretary of state Tony Blinken stood with the people of Hong Kong.

In a tweet, which he quickly deleted, he wrote: Beijing should let the voices of all Hong Kongers be heard. The PRC’s disqualification of district councillors only weakens Hong Kong’s long-term political and social stability. We stand with the people of Hong Kong & continue to support their human rights & fundamental freedoms.”

With great speed, he returned to the appeasement policy the weak SOS loves. He replaced the tweet with this meaningless statement: The PRC’s disqualification of seven pro-democracy district councilors undermines the ability of people in Hong Kong to participate in their governance. Governments should serve the people they represent. Decreasing representation goes against the spirit of Hong Kong’s Basic Law.

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