Population of WVA came in illegally so far this year, they get to decide the future of the USA


U.S. Customs and Border Protection formally released the numbers of anonymous illegal aliens who poured in this past August. Keep in mind that at least 1,000 to 2,000 getaways a month also sneak in.

The agency reported a total of 208,887encounters in August, only a slight dip from the 213,534 total in July.

This is the second month in a row that Border Patrol has encountered over 200,000 illegal aliens crossing the border into the United States.

Total illegal alien encounters for this fiscal year now sits at 1,541,651 – compared to a total of 458,088 for the entire 2020 fiscal year. Counting the getaways, it’s over two million.

For comparison purposes, the number of illegal aliens crossing the border for the month of August is more people than the entire city of Montgomery, Alabama.

Based on the current rate, the total number of illegal aliens crossing the border for this fiscal year will be more than the population of Phoenix, Arizona – or about the same as the population of the entire state of West Virginia.

If these people aren’t sent home, they will decide the future of the country with totalitarian Democrats.

In March 2020, then-President Donald Trump was able to start expelling over 80% of the illegal aliens each month back to Mexico without allowing them to apply for asylum, under the Title 42 public health order. Judge Sullivan, the crazed judge who tormented General Flynn, ordered the cancellation of Title 42.

According to the newly-released datathe 208,887 encounters for August are broken out as follows:

  • 86,487 – Aliens in Family units (compared to 83,493 in July)
  • 424 – Accompanied minors
  • 18,847 – Unaccompanied minors  (compared to 18,958 in July
  • 103,129 – Single adults  (compared to 110,778 in July)

The illegal aliens came from the following countries:

  • 55,863 – Mexico
  • 41,831 – Honduras
  • 37,053 – Guatemala
  •  12,656 – El Salvador
  • 61,484 – Other

Out of the 110,443 single adults encountered at the border in August, they come from the following countries:

  • 48,666 – Mexico
  • 11,011 – Honduras
  • 10,757 – Guatemala
  •   3,996 – El Salvador
  • 28,699 – Other

Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA) tweeted: “There were 208,887 apprehensions at the southern border in August. A 317% increase from last year.”  He then broke it out further:

  • 6,738 per day.
  • 280 per hour.
  • 4 per minute.

The vacationing Biden administration claims they will send back some of these Haitians pouring into Del Rio. Don’t hold your breath waiting.

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