Toyota’s LGBT+ Workshops on Becoming a “Fabulous Drag Performer”


Toyota sponsored an event for “LGBTQ+ Youth” that featured a performance from a drag performer and a workshop on “the first steps of becoming a fabulous drag performer.”

The event was called “Models of Pride” and was hosted by the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

It was geared to the 24 years and younger age range with no minimum age. Toddlers at the event.

They held a performance by drag performer Dew Mi Moore.

Another performer, Mayhem Miller told the crowd of children, “When I was young, we didn’t have anything like this. You are going to change our future, and I love every single one of you.”

Isn’t that nice? Parents took their children to this thing?

There were workshops like “Drag Isn’t a Race,” teaching youth to become drag performers.

A workshop titled “Where Do You Fit In?” explored the “LGBTQ+ community’s subcultures” to “find your chosen community.”

Is that what you want for your children? If you do, you need to consider going to these community events and see what their existence is like.

Toyota donates over $100K to the Los Angeles LGBT Center on an annual basis, as does George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Cedars Sinai also gives over $100K to the organization annually, as does Gilead, and several other companies in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries

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