Man Drives Into a Crowd, Attacks with a Hammer – Injuries & Deaths – Update


Update: After he plowed into the mourners, he went home, plowed down his mother with a car, and hit her over the head with a hammer four or five times. Five of the people injured in the first crime are in critical condition. Three were released from the hospital.

A massive Pennsylvania fire last week killed seven people, including three young children, all relatives. That led to a fundraiser in Necopeck this week. The fundraiser included children, parents, and emergency workers, all coming together to help the victims who survived.

It was at the Intoxicology Department bar and restaurant at about 6:15 pm. That’s when a madman drove into the crowd killing one person and injuring 17 others. Some reports say he killed a woman with a hammer. after he jumped out of the car (see update).

All 17 are hospitalized. A woman was found dead at his home when they arrested him. the police had gone to his home on reports he was physically assaulting a woman.

After the man – 24-year-old Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes – drove into the innocent people trying to help others, he killed a woman with a hammer. It was not a gun. It was a car and a hammer.

All the lunatics are coming out of the woodwork.

He looks mentally ill.

Is he here legally? The media will not say it, but we need to know that because there are reports that countries are emptying out their prisons and mental institutions so they can travel to the USA. No one is vetted.

If only someone there had a gun.

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