Tragic upcoming relief bill is soon to get the Nancy touch


We’re back into the “predictable loop” as Kimberly Strassel writes at the Wall Street Journal. Pelosi says spend and Republicans say, how much will you settle for.

Republicans seem hell-bent on spending wildly under the direction and orders of Nancy Pelosi. Steve Mnuchin let her know they have a $1 trillion spending bill but are ready to negotiate, giving her license to fritter away more money, with gifts to unions and other voting blocs. Republicans are abandoning policy and principle to follow Pelosi’s lead.

The GOP thinks they will hold the House and the Senate this way, but they can’t out-Democrat the Democrats.

Dems are looking at another $2 trillion or more payout, not helping hand.

Strassel says the White House and appropriators “now view this as a vote-buying exercise, the proposals focus on handouts and income transfers that would, if anything, prolong closures. “

They plan to reduce the enhanced employment insurance but the unemployed will still get more than their salary. They won’t go back to work, why would they?

They are going to give $70 billion to K-12 schools INCLUDING THE ONES THAT REFUSE TO OPEN. They are sending billions to teachers unions who will divert these funds to elect Democrats.

“Republicans are looking at $20 billion in direct payments to farmers and another $15 billion for child care. They gave up on a payroll tax cut, and started coalescing around another round of nonstimulus checks to select households. They are bragging that their bill doesn’t include more money to states (a key Pelosi demand) even as they brag about the restrictions they will put on such money when Mr. Mnuchin gives it to Mrs. Pelosi anyway. “

‘But what about the $25 billion more the Senate would give to testing, or the $26 billion for vaccine research and distribution? Surely we need that, right? Previous legislation allocated $25 billion for testing. Some $13 billion hasn’t been used. A full $10 billion was set aside for states, localities and tribes; they’ve so far spent less than $100 million. Much of the new money for vaccines would go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, still sitting on $5 billion of virus cash. And the administration already has funding for Operation Warp Speed, which covers the cost of vaccine distribution.”

[The CDC is also a politicized agency for the left and only spends 10% of its budget on researching diseases.]

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

China Mitch wants to be reelected, that is his concern. He needs “moderate” votes to win in November. The senate is in much jeopardy, as his RINO club moves left. They appear weak and unsupportive of the President, I would not vote for any one of them. In 2016 I could not support Mark Kirk in Illinois, because he ran against Trump, giving the seat deliberately to Duckworth. He made a complete fool of himself, and now ia a Chinese lobbyist. Want to bet he had a finnacial motive to lose the race?

Don’t let Mitch’s calm demeanor fool you, he is a big schemer.