Transgender Grandmother Breastfeeds His Grandchild


Researchers at Duke University used experimental hormone drugs to help a transgender mother-of-five breastfeed her grandchild in a study that has been panned as “frankly disturbing.”

Babies should not be experiments.

The unidentified 50-year-old man who says he is a woman was “lactating spontaneously” and able to produce up to 30 ml of milk at a time after a four-week course of hormone treatments, researchers recently wrote in the Breastfeeding Medicine journal.

So, are all these hormones going to be in the milk? Don’t they complain about animals used for food being shot up with hormones?

The ‘she’ is a ‘he’ who was then able to feed her four-month-old grandchild without any side effects to herself, they wrote in the study, according to the Daily Mail.

The researchers said they were moved to help the biological male create a “bond from breastfeeding that she has not been able to experience with her own five children” after she reached out to the North Carolina university in the spring of 2022.

Why this bond? The baby is supposed to bond with the mother.


But Heather Welford, of With Women — a group of midwives and breastfeeding experts — slammed the study as “disturbing.”

“Most people would find the idea absolutely shocking,” she told the Mail.

Maya Forstater, the executive director of Sex Matters, also noted that “babies cannot consent to being patients in a study which sets aside biological reality to define treatment protocols relating to so-called ‘gender medicine.’”

“Men should not be permitted, still less supported, to get between babies and their mothers or to use babies as props to validate their beliefs that they are women,” she said.

It’s not normal, and it’s sick. Leave the baby out of these experiments. What are the health risks? Transgender ‘women’ are men, objectively speaking.

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