Transition team: make ‘Biden admin look more like a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren admin”


Politico reports that Joe Biden becoming Bernie Sanders has been a boon for the ticket. Progressives were apparently displeased with the Obama administration not coming through to the degree they hoped. They said transitioning the Democrat Party to progressivism in 2008 was not organized. The far-left won’t let that happen again.

Politico writes [emboldened mine]: “So for the last decade, Hauser and a small group of liberal activists have been quietly organizing in the wonky world of transition politics to prevent a repeat of 2008. Their goal in 2020: make a prospective Biden administration look more like a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren administration. And they see an opportunity to get some of their agenda enacted through the 4,000-plus appointees Biden would need to pick should he win.”


“The progressive approach to the transition in 2008 was not organized,” said Jeff Hauser, the director of The Revolving Door Project ( far-left, associated with Common Dreams), which he founded in 2015 to dig deep on executive branch appointees in anticipation of the next Democratic administration. “It was a defeat.”

In addition to Hauser, the transition to progressivism (socialism and communism) is being led by David Segal of the far left-wing group Demand Progress — a think tank with close ties to Sen. Warren that is dedicated to pushing the party left on economic policy — along with its 501c4 advocacy group, Roosevelt Forward. Roosevelt Institute is also aligned with Soros’s Democracy Alliance.

If Biden wins, the people behind the curtain plan to fill the government with far-left progressives and enact a very far-left economic policy.


The transition team is the key. It’s filled with far-left people What they call moderate are the technocrats on the team and Obama people. They are afraid the insane Green New Deal is a non-starter but all are assured the Biden people will be the most economically left-wing in the history of the United States.

“I think the Biden agenda is kind of Exhibit A in terms of the positive influence of the shift in the role that progressives have played in party and platform politics,” said longtime Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein. “This is the most progressive policy agenda I’ve been part of and it’s one that was consistently guided by Biden, himself.”

Laughingly, progressives are afraid the administration will be as conservative as Obama [a Marxist].

But transition and Biden allies said they are sincere in their commitment to collaborate with the left-wing of the party. “I think that the Obama restoration concern is misguided,” said Bernstein.


Felicia Wong, President of the Roosevelt Institute, echoed that point in an interview. “I have every expectation that you’re going to see bold solutions when it comes to both the people who are appointed and the kinds of policies that ultimately are adopted in governance,” she said. “There’s a lot that we now understand based on the lessons of 2008 about the dangers of austerity and not doing enough at the federal level to forestall recessions.”

Biden’s transition team is filled with far-left people.

The Biden transition’s embrace of progressive figures gives truth to Republicans’ argument that a Biden presidency would be further to the left than his more moderate track record would suggest. Heck, Biden said it will be.

The progressive organizers, however, are pushing for more firing warning shots toward some more moderate officials who could have high positions in a Biden administration.

The article frequently refers to a Warren economic policy which is socialist and anti-capitalist despite her protestations. She won’t take over Wall Street, she’ll pound them to death with regulations and threats.

Since Biden is incapable of fulfilling his role, these are some of the people who will pull the strings.

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