Transnational Criminals Tried to Sell Nuclear Materials to Iran – They operate in the US & our borders are open


Transnational criminals tried to sell nuclear materials to an Iranian General. They operate in the US and throughout the world, and our borders are wide open.

Federal prosecutors have charged Takeshi Ebisawa, a Japanese Yakuza leader [organized criminal syndicate], with attempting to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to other countries.

Samples tested by US government scientists proved that Ebisawa was indeed in possession of weapons-grade Plutonium and Uranium.

Defendant Takeshi Evisawa is a leader of the Yakuza organized crime syndicate. It is a transnational Japanese criminal network that operates throughout the world.

The organization’s activities include large-scale narcotics and weapons trafficking. Its international criminal network extends throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, among other places.

The defendant conspired with a network of associates, including three co-conspirators, to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to other countries. They had already transported nuclear materials from Burma to Thailand and presented them to a DEA agent who was posing as a trafficker. The agent claimed to have access to an Iranian general.

They provided a sample of weapons-grade plutonium.  This agent was very courageous.

How many don’t we catch?

Ebisawa wanted to exchange nuclear materials for weapons, such as AK-47s, ammo, M-16s, magazines, machine guns, tracers, mortars, rockets, snipers, RPGs, portable Sam’s, and ammo for all of the aforementioned.

They have a second defendant, and both must forfeit their holdings to the United States.

These foreigners operate in the United States, and they tried to sell to an Iranian General. Did I mention the border is wide open, and we vet no one and track no one?

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