Trouble in Pelosi’s Paradise- Dems Finally Pan Nan’s Ice Cream Freezer Performance


In the spring of this year, during our horrible pandemic, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi gave a “look at my $25,000 freezer full of gourmet ice cream”, late-night interview, to Stephen Colbert.   Now, some 6 months later, Nancy’s fellow Democrats are suddenly offended by her tone-deaf, pretentious performance!

Progressive groups slammed Nancy Pelosi in their post-mortem on the 2020 election for “showing off” her expensive freezers full of premium Jeni’s ice cream.

They pointed out, The Trump reelection campaign parlayed Pelosi’s appearance into an ad portraying the speaker as elitist by juxtaposing Pelosi showing her freezer full of ice cream with headlines that Americans were waiting for “hours” at food banks.

“Right now, it’s survival mode,” one man says in the ad. In the following clip, Pelosi says: “I don’t know what I would have done if ice cream were not invented.”

Democrats, half a year after the fact, finally made their displeasure known via a biting memorandum.

“When Democratic leaders make unforced errors like showing off two sub-zero freezers full of ice cream on national television or cozy up with Wall Street executives and corporate lobbyists while Trump tells voters we are the party of the swamp, it is not surprising that we lose,” reads the memo.

“The economy was voters’ top concern in this election. “We need a new generation of leadership grounded in a multiracial, working-class experience and background.”

Actually, that voting bloc did find leadership they liked.  The problem for Democrats, and highlighted by Pelosi’s breathtaking arrogance, was working-class Americans found their needs best met in President Trump’s Republican Party.

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