Some Truckers for Trump Say They’re Serious – We’ll See


Chicago Ray is the trucker who alerted people to a possible boycott of New York City after the absurd civil verdict against Donald Trump. He took down the original video because his grandson saw it. Earlier today, he posted again, saying he’s hearing guys refusing loads, and the boycott could take a week or more to have an effect.

So far, we’ve only seen a dozen or so truckers commenting, so we don’t know if this is real. it could catch on.

He advised New Yorkers to stock up because this is a real boycott. Chicago Ray said he’s not a leader of any movement, but the truckers want people to stop %$@# with Trump.

Trucker Jake responds to the leftists attacking them online.

A female Trucker said even a 10% boycott could shut New York City down – prices will skyrocket. Many truckers will ignore the boycott.

Stock up:

This trucker says it’s a seven-day boycott.

They’re not kidding:

Big Tom Callahan is boycotting for three years.

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