Trudeau Storm Troopers on Horseback Trample People – Update on Trampled Woman


Update: Allegedly, one of the women trampled by Canadian storm troopers today died of her injuries. This information came from Sara Carter. As it turned out, the woman is fine. The media is trying to say she threw a bicycle at a horse but you can see in the clips that is not tue.


The Trudeau storm troopers trampled people with their horses and ran over an elderly woman on a walker and another woman and rode off.

This was a peaceful protest, and fascism is the response by the Trudeauites. They think these people are worthless.

In fact, the weak Parliament canceled their debate on the use of The Emergencies Act due to the police crackdown on truckers. The Canadian House and Senate have to vote on this after 5 days of debate. They are relinquishing their responsibilities and their power. There is a vote set for Monday as the police run over elderly ladies. Why don’t they just run over them with their cruisers?

Ironically, the MPs said they wanted to put safety above all else.

At least they have all those vaccine mandates to protect peoples’ health.

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