Poll Finds Most Americans Will Keep Those Masks On


On Thursday evening, Democrat DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau announced that she has withdrawn her emergency measure to reinstate the city’s vaccine mandate which was ended earlier this week by Mayor Muriel Bowser, The Post Millennial reports. She’s very disappointed and blasted Bowser for doing it. Governor Newsom’s new endemic plan for the residents includes universal masking. Apparently, these extreme views are now more mainstream than we knew.

According to an Economist/YouGov poll, 58% of Americans said they will continue to wear a mask in public once their community removes their mandates.

I find it hard to believe, but, in case it’s accurate, we thought we should post it.

Another 28% said they would not continue wearing a mask, and 13% were not certain. The uncertain people are always a mystery.

That was with 77% saying they wanted to get back to normal. Only a little over a third are following the news and less than a third think it’s safe to return to normal. That could explain a lot.

We’ve become a country of fearful, weak-kneed drones then?


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