True Story of the Russia Dossier


The media has frequently reported that parts of the dossier have been confirmed but who confirmed them? John Brennan? The anonymous Russians who provided the information? The dossier was put together by a leftist spy who secured much of the information from the Kremlin.

Think Progress, the George Soros think tank, and Slate, the far-left magazine, claim many facts in the dossier has been confirmed by “sources” – unnamed. They also state that people became distracted by the salacious sexual accusations. The more important information, they say, relates to Trump’s ties to Russia and the five years Russia allegedly spent grooming him.

As an aside, someone has to explain how Russians, in the furthest reaches of their imaginations, could have predicted that Trump would win the presidency. What would they want with him?

The dossier charges that Russia had been “cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump” for five years. It further states, Soros’s Think Progress wrote, “that his inner circle has accepted regular help from the Kremlin and, most shockingly, that there were a number of unsubstantiated encounters between Trump and Russian prostitutes.”

The dossier makes the claim that Carter Page had secret meetings in Moscow approved by Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

The dossier also claims Paul Manafort, a short-lived campaign manager, gathered info on Hillary for an agreement to sideline talks on Ukraine.

Manafort has serious questions floating around him. In February, The New York Times reported that Manafort had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials, and in June 2017 he registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, partly due to his work as a consultant for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.

The report also claims that Michael Flynn was “regularly communicating” with Russian nationals.

They are all Russian spies? Soros would like you to believe that.

The dossier accuses Trump campaign officials of coordinating the release of damaging information with Russia against Hillary Clinton. Allegedly, this was approved by Vladimir Putin himself and was intended to sow discord.

Donald Trump Jr. might have been set up when he tried to get oppositional research during a meeting with Russians tied to the Kremlin or you can believe he’s a spy. Nothing came of the meeting. The left has also tried to accuse Jeff Sessions of being a spy.

The facts fly in the face of reality however. It is only the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton who have given anything of value to the Russians. So far, Russia has gotten nothing from President Trump.

On March 19, 2010, then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton was in Russia meeting with heads of state and President Putin. Most remarkably, while standing next to Foreign Minister Lavrov, she said, “our goal is to help strengthen Russia”. She succeeded in doing that, only no one realized at the time what that might mean.

Soon thereafter, the Russians were outmaneuvering Clinton and moving military hardware into Syria, working with the Iranians and diplomatically organizing the Middle East while the U.S. sat idly by.

She signed off on the sale of our Uranium mine and the Tenex deal as did Obama and eight more of their political hacks in charge of executive agencies. She oversaw those hacks on the committee that approved the deals.

It’s the Obama administration that gave a visa to a Russian criminal tied to Putin and who ignored the FBI investigation of the Russian scheme to take control of 20% of our Uranium.

Who in their right mind would give Putin control of our Uranium no matter the circumstances?

It was Hillary and Bill Clinton who financially benefitted from the Russians.

Obama signed a nuclear proliferation treaty that benefitted Russia and canceled the defense system in Eastern Europe for nothing in return.

Then we get to the fact that the “dossier” is 35 pages of opposition research for Hillary who cannot be trusted. It was conducted by a Democrat firm that works with Soros groups at times. They gave the job of researching to a spy who got it from Russian spies and who is tight with the bureau chief of Soros’s-Mother Jones. The spy Christopher Steele gave the story to David Corn, the propagandist and bureau chief of Mother Jones.

They sold our Uranium to Russians, they lied, they covered up, and, let me repeat, they sold our Uranium to Russians, but let’s ignore that and investigate Donald Trump and his family. It’s obvious Russians love Trump because he wants to make America great again, boost our economy, get rid of StalinCare, close the borders, battle all of Russia’s allies. What’s not to love if you’re Vlad?

President Obama isn’t suspicious at all!

Tom Cotton had this to say about the dossier.

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