Trump Blasts Gov. DeWine After He Backs Child Mutilations


Donald Trump no longer supports Ohio Gov. DeWine. DeWine supports gender mutilation surgeries for children. He vetoed a bill to stop it and said he’s “protecting human life” and defending parents’ rights.” He also okayed boys in girl’s sports.

There is no reliable research on the issue, yet we hear it saves lives.

The majority of the 23 studies reviewed claimed that various forms of gender-affirming treatment were associated with reductions in suicidality; however, the validity and robustness of their results suffered from either a lack of measures of statistical significance and effect size, correction for multiple testing, controlling for psychiatric diagnostic makeup or psychiatric treatment history, substance use, the interaction of time since receiving gender-affirming treatment, or any combination of these.

The two that found the opposite suffered from the same issues.

A dearth of High-Quality Studies

A dearth of high-quality studies that evaluate outcomes in suicide following gender-affirming treatment poses severe limitations on the extent of claims made during the informed consent process for gender-affirming treatment. An abundance of claims that are not backed by evidence does not represent quality empirical evidence but rather guidelines endorsed by various medical organizations. Just as in practice guidelines for the assessment and treatment of patients at risk for suicide, “practice guidelines do not represent the standard of care, much less for a fact-specific case in litigation.”


There is a need for continued research on suicidality outcomes following gender-affirming treatment. Future research that incorporates multiple measures of suicidality and adequately controls for the presence of psychiatric comorbidity, substance use, and other suicide risk-enhancing factors is needed to strengthen the validity and increase the robustness of the results. There may be implications for the informed consent process of gender-affirming treatment, given the current lack of methodological robustness of the literature reviewed.

Some say there is no money to properly study this if they are going to go against so-called gender-affirming care.


The bill would have banned transgender children and teens from receiving gender-affirming health care and participating in middle and high school sports. The Left claims mutilating children too young to give informed consent is health care. They also think it’s okay to put biological boys in girl’s sports.

During a press conference in Columbus, Gov. Mike DeWine said that his veto of House Bill 68, called the “SAFE Act,” was about “protecting human life.” He cited the testimonials of many families who said gender-affirming treatment saved their child’s life and defended parents’ rights to choose what’s best for their child.

“Were I to sign House Bill 68 or were House Bill 68 to become law, Ohio would be saying that the state, that the government knows better what is medically best for a child than the two people who love that child the most, the parents,” DeWine observed. “These are gut-wrenching decisions that should be made by parents and should be informed by teams of doctors who are advising them.”

“These are parents who have watched their children suffer for years and have real concerns their children would not survive without it,” DeWine said. “Families are basing their decisions on the best medical advice they can get.”


A three-fifths vote of the Ohio legislature can still override the veto. The bill passed with higher margins in both state legislature chambers earlier this month.

The state’s Republican senator, J.D. Vance, posted on social media that DeWine’s comments about parental rights were “a slogan, not a justification” and added that he was “extremely disappointed in the governor’s decision and hope it is overridden.”

Frank LaRose, Ohio’s secretary of state who is also running for Senate in 2024, posted on that “[we] have a duty to protect safety and fair competition for female athletes and to protect children from being subjected to permanent, life-altering medical procedures before the age of 18.”

Many of the Republican governors who vetoed bills last year, among them Spencer Cox of UtahEric Holcomb of Indiana, and Doug Burgum of North Dakota, went on to sign revised pieces of legislation in 2023 banning gender-affirming care and restricting transgender girls’ and women’s participation in school-sponsored sports.

Donald Trump does not approve of what DeWine did:

Child mutilations are a real boon for parents who hate children or who have Munchausen’s. DeWine has been a liberal Republican, but the alternative was progressive Nan Whaley, who supports gun bans and aims to dismantle the system.

He’s superior to her. Pathetic.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

DeWine is pretending to be concerned about government not interfering in family rights, but he had no hesitation insisting on useless and harmful mandates during the covid scare. The contradiction proves he is part of the corrupt establishment.

DeWine supposedly has a big consulting contract lined up for himself in the medical industry when he leaves his current job. He is acting in his own corrupt interests.

Rosemary Marshall
Rosemary Marshall
2 months ago

I certainly hope DeWine doesn’t expect the taxpayers (of Ohio or the US) to pay for this outrage. It’s obviously an elective surgery. I would rather see all the suffering children and their parents in mental health therapies — life-long, if necessary.

2 months ago

He’s now toast for having no morals or brains.