Trump Candidates Win 6-7 in the Trump-McConnell Proxy War


Trump is engaged in a proxy war between America First and McConnell establishment picks. He has worked hard over the past two years to push American-people-first candidates over establishment candidates. His candidates are winning, but it’s too early to know how far his endorsements will go.

Trump’s candidate lost in Nebraska, but his candidates are still winning in most of the primaries. His picks are 6-7.

However, 33 of the 40 were incumbents with token opposition.


After all 36 Senate, House or governor candidates he endorsed in Texas, Indiana and Ohio won their primaries, last night Trump-supported businessman Charles Herbster lost his bid for Nebraska governor.

Herbster had the rural voters but the winner had the urban voters.

Nebraska will likely get an establishment governor.

The winner of the Republican primary was University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen, who took 33 percent of the vote. Herbster finished second, with 30 percent, followed closely by moderate state Sen. Brett Lindstrom with 26 percent.

MOONEY WINS IN West Virginia

Last night, Trump-endorsed Alex Mooney who won in West Virginia.

Redrawn districts cost Republicans a seat in West Virginia but the Trump candidate Alex Mooney won in CD-02. It was incumbent against incumbent. The district war more of a David B. McKinley type district. Also, Joe Manchin, a popular Democrat senator, endorsed McKinley. Who knows, that might have hurt him.

Mooney won handily and it was because of the Trump endorsement.

McKinley voted for the Joe Biden-Pelosi non-infrastructure $1.2 trillion spending package. It spelled potential doom for him. Then Trump tipped the scales.


In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz, the Trump choice is leading David McCormick slightly. Trump said McCormick is a McConnell operative. The third runner up – who is moving up quickly – is terrific. Her name is Kathy Barnett. However, the prevailing opinion is she can’t win in a general election. We must win.

Many are concerned about Dr. Oz. People say Donald Trump picks bad candidates. He had chosen people while president who worked against him and the agenda.


As for Trump’s poor choices – it’s the swamp, baby. Blame the swamp.

The very people who have to approve the appointments are the same people who don’t want his agenda.

Many of those Trump nominations were an attempt to work with swamp creatures like John McCain or simply because there were no other choices. For example, Bill Barr was the best one out there that he could get approved. He should have done what he did with DHS – make everyone acting.

He’ll do better in 2024. Trump is wiser now. He’s tough enough for the job but the odds are so bad.

Anyone who puts the American people first will face the swamp and it’s deep, powerful, unrelenting.

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