We Like Ultra-MAGA – It’s All-American – Like Mom and Apple Pie



Democrats labeled supporters of Making America Great Again as “Ultra-MAGA” on Tuesday. It was meant to be derisive but we are embracing it. Calling people Ultra MAGA is the same as waging war on the American Dream.

Ultra is a classy definer.

“I’m proud to be an Ultra-MAGA,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican. ”The president’s remarks signify a true shift. He’s moving away from an indictment of President Trump specifically to now trying to indict an entire political movement that they fear.”

Ultra-MAGA is something new in America’s political lexicon. Allegedly, Joe Biden came up with it. Hard to believe given his mental condition.

“It’s the president’s phrase,” Psaki told reporters Tuesday. “I think what has struck him is how extreme some of the policies and proposals are, that a certain wing of the Republican Party, that is taking up too much of the Republican Party, are for.”

It’s so extreme to not want to spend $40 billion without debate or want to get our energy sector going again. It’s ultra to not want taxes raised as we stand on the brink of recession.

Biden began using the expression within the past week, though he stumbled over it the first time by saying “Ultra-Mega” rather than MAGA.

Stephen Miller – a former  senior adviser in the Trump White House – was called an Ultra-MAGA leader by Senate Democratic Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois. Miller wants the open border policy reversed.

Mr. Miller responded: Ultra-MAGA is as American as apple pie. Miller told The Washington Times what it means to him. It is Americans First – strong borders over cartels – police over criminals – education over indoctrination – American values over WOKE – equality over equity – patriotism over globalism – US over UN – free speech over censorship. We embrace the name! 


Biden used it during his lackluster speech yesterday. His vision of the future is as exciting as  scheduling a colonoscopy. Enthusiastic Corn Pop is gone and we now have a Bizarro Build Back Better plan to raise taxes with a recession nipping at our heels and unaffordable gas and oil.

I’ve seen snails with more energy than Joe. He has no plan for anything and only reacts — badly, every time.

Biden was hoping inflation would go down today so he could take credit but it’s a skyrocketing 8.3%. He has done nothing to change the policies that created the situation.

Might as well watch a faucet drip. Everything he says in this clip is untrue:

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