Trump Gets a Resignation From Obama DHS Employee Communing With Radical Islamists


Conservative Review writer Jordan Schachtel announced the resignation of an Obama leftover in the Department of Homeland Security who regularly communed with fringe Islamic radicals. Ironically, George Selim was in charge of the  ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ unit.

Selim clashed with Trump, Bannon and Gorka reportedly as the President attempted to dump Obama’s past policies. The frustrated Selim decided he had to leave.

The way he defined his job required him to meet with CAIR leaders hundreds of times. CAIR is tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Countering Violent Extremism unit or CVE has also become a slush fund for CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Under President Obama, countless Muslim Brotherhood-connected groups shuffled in and out of the White House to stake their claims in the debate, Schachtel wrote.

He added that these groups share an extremist, caliphatist worldview shared by the likes of ISIS and al-Qaida.

The CVE philosophy is to fight violent extremists with Salafi clergy who are as extreme but allegedly not violent.

Daniel Greenfield says that what it amounts to is paying Muslims to argue with other Muslims on social media. The hope is the Muslims we pay are good extremists. It does, however, also encourage partnering with Islamic terrorists.

Greenfield writes that CVE “rejects the idea that Muslims should be expected to show their allegiance [to the United States] and instead demands that the United States show its allegiance to them.” It thus “inverts the balance of citizenship and invests the United States in an unspoken religious debate.”

It ends up watering down the FBI counterterrorism training.

This resignation is a welcomed sign that changes are coming.

The left-wing Atlantic doesn’t see it that way. They see this as a loss in the fight against “violent extremism”. They describe Selim as a conservative Republican. They don’t mention that he is a conservative Republican who thinks Obama’s policy of funding radicals to talk to other radicals is a good idea.

Selim seems like a sincere person and he deserves credit for trying to develop good relationships among extremists, but he’s misguided. This is not what DHS is supposed to be doing. DHS is law enforcement, not a social work agency. Radicals shouldn’t even be in this country. We have radical imams in radical mosques in this country and we ignore them. Do people seriously think chatting with them will work?

George Selim explains his mission on this clip:


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