Trump Responds to the Latest Gag Order Ruling


The Hill reported that an appeals court upheld key provisions of Trump‘s gag order in the federal January 6 case. However, they admitted it was refined.

According to The Hill, Trump is barred from making any statements with the intent to materially interfere with or to cause others to materially interfere with the course of the case.  But it removed Jack Smith from the list of protected court staff.

So Trump can continue to call him deranged and explain why he thinks that.

“We agree with the district court that some aspects of Mr. Trump’s public statements pose a significant and imminent threat to the fair and orderly adjudication of the ongoing criminal proceeding, warranting a speech–constraining, protective order. The district court order, however, sweeps in more protected speech that is necessary,” the panel wrote.

The New York Times wrote that “a federal appeals court largely upheld a gag order on Donald Trump in his election case in Washington, but narrowed its terms.”

To the contrary, Trump supporter and attorney Robert Barnes wrote, “DC court of appeals, completely eviscerated the Trump, gag order, barring illegal speech, (such as obstructing, a proceeding), striking down the rest and making clear Trump can criticize special counsel all he wants.”

I’m not sure illegal language is.

Jonathan Turley said that special counsel Jack Smith had just lost his cover under the Trump gag order. The DC panel appealed the rest of the order but found that Judge Chutkan’s order… Sweeps in more protected speech that is necessary.”

Donald Trump wrote, “An appeals court has just largely upheld the gag order against me in the ridiculous J6 case, where the unselect January 6 committee deleted and destroyed almost all documents and evidence, say that I can be barred from talking, and in effect, telling the truth. In other words, people can speak violently and viciously against me or attack me in any form, but I am not allowed to respond in kind. What is becoming of our first amendment -what is becoming of our country? We will appeal this decision!”

In the meantime, he can say whatever he wants about the deranged Jack Smith.

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