Trump Tower Transcripts Released, Leaves One Crucial Question Unanswered


THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE has released the transcripts of the testimony in the Russia-Trump Tower probe. Chiarman Chuck Grassley released thousands of pages of documents about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.


There is one big question that arises from these transcripts so far. One of the attendees, Natalia Veselnitskaya, with loose ties to Putin, met with Glenn Simpson before and after the Trump Tower meeting.

There is much more to know about Simpson and Fusion GPS. That is the real issue.

This is all very swampy, but there is nothing here to suggest Trump was in cahoots with Russia. There are, instead, indications that the U.S. government might have planted a spy in the Trump campaign.

Why did Veselnitskaya meet with the orchestrator of the dossier – GLENN SIMPSON – before and after the Trump Tower meeting?

Simpson testified last year that there was a mole in the Trump campaign. That leads us to ask why was he meeting with the Russian agent of sorts?

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson said that “a human source from inside the Trump organization” had “decided to pick up the phone and report something” to the FBI.

Simpson told Congressional investigators on August 22 that Steele told him the FBI had corroborated parts of his dossier with “a human source from inside the Trump organization.”

People thought it was George Papadopoulos but it was not. We need to know if the FBI/DoJ planted this mole and paid him/her.

Last week, the DOJ was forced to hand over intelligence to House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes which points to a mole within the Trump campaign. Both House and Senate oversight panels are taking a fresh look at Simpson’s testimony about that “human source.”


Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort briefly attended the 20-minute meeting which included a Kremlin-tied lawyer Natalia Vesselnitskaya who wanted to discuss the Magnitsky Act and U.S. adoptions. She also said she would share incriminating information about  Hillary Clinton but she didn’t.

Nothing happened at the meeting. There was no evidence at all.

Trump Jr. said he did not tell his father about the meeting because he wouldn’t bring him anything unsubstantiated to him, certainly not from a guy like Rob. He also said he couldn’t remember if he told his father or not. That is something Democrats want to focus on.

We don’t know if the President helped to write the White House statement which turned out to be inaccurate.

Trump Jr. agreed to the meeting after Rob Goldstone, a publicist he knew, said he had information on Hillary. He added that he was skeptical but felt he should hear them out.

Goldstone was taking selfies with them so it’s hard to believe anyone thought this meeting was “secret”. Veselnitskaya was surprised she was even meeting with the top guys. Goldstone also pushed to have this meeting quickly and it was haphazard with a campaign that was amateurish and inexperienced. To say this was a covert Russia meeting is absurd.

Then you have the DoJ/FBI credibility questioned. They brought about the endless Russia-Trump probe based on a lie.

Take Jim Comey as an example of a big credibility gap. Jim Comey was interviewed by Bret Baier two weeks ago and what he said to him was different from what he said to the congressional committees. He told the congressional investigators that agents said General Flynn didn’t appear to lie but he told Baier he didn’t know where the story came from.




  1. Mueller is now subpoenaing Trump’s social media people, And, Republicans are nowhere to be found, cowering in their offices.

    Before the last election I was pretty adamant about NOT participating anymore in the process. I was fed up with spineless Republicans not taking it to the Democrats. They can use every dirty tactic under the sun, ala Judge Moore, and many others in the past. All the Republicans can do is send out survey flyers soliciting confirmation bias, which I again received recently.

    It was Trump who used the tactics that Democrats have year after year that I decided to go ahead and vote again. The Republican response was typical, but Democrats were in an uproar for Trump doing similar to what they have done for decades, and with a complicit media to help them along.

    Since the media could not “prevent” Trump from being elected the only alternative is for Mueller to “finish” the job. As it stands now, all the information revealed in the ‘witch hunt’, has No legal ramifications. This is evident by the distracting indictments Mueller has engaged in. The only related crime that can be charged is the actual theft of the computer data, the emails and the NGP-VAN data. Virtually everything else that has been documented is ‘par for the course’ in political campaign circles. Even on the Hillary side, nothing can be done regarding Bernie. It is all for the purpose of creating a “cloud of uncertainty”.

    Republicans DO have to worry,.. “after Trump”. They are unwilling to be “part” of the fight Now so after Trump is gone they will NOT have Trump to “carry” them and people like me will return to “before Trump”. Rather than learning a lesson from Trump and instill inspiration in people they seem to prefer to wallow in the same self-defeating methods as typically done. The last time the Republicans won big was under Gingrich. He also inspired the electorate, only in a different way, and during that time he also had his Republican detractors. What is unique to both Trump and Gingrich were the “focus” on the “people”. The recent “discharge petition” is an example of WHY the Republicans continue to fail. Their focus is Not on the people and it will be the downfall in their future.

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