Trump Trashing Highlighted at the Oscars But Don’t Insult Them


Matt Drudge had something to say about last night’s politically-charged Oscars.

The Trump bashing was welcomed and applauded at the Oscars, but what did raise the ire of the narcissists and their admirers was a mistake by the Oscars and a joke by Kimmel.

The biggest Oscar blunder in its history, according to the media, was the reading off the name of the movie LALA Land as the winner of the Oscar instead of Moonlight. Outraged fans want to know who is to blame.

It was described as a historic onstage blunder that creates an Oscar moment for the ages.

The Oscars “sincerely apologized” and will investigate. No one, however, apologized for the all-night Trump insults though many of the recipients stuck to personal and professional speeches.

It’s acceptable to trash the President of the United States.

The Oscars held a performance of all-night Trump degradation but couldn’t get the envelopes straight. They are in LALA land.

Also harshly criticized was Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about Mahershala Ali’s name and that of his newborn baby — Bari Najma. Apparently it’s racist to make a joke about that unusual name, but not his insults against Donald Trump.

After he left the stage, host Jimmy Kimmel dropped a line about what has been described as a “tasteless” joke about Ali’s surname, suggesting it must have made it difficult to choose a moniker for his daughter. “You can’t name her Amy,” he said.

The backlash was harsh and swift.

This next tweet was typical.

Later, in another incident, passengers on an open-top bus tour of Hollywood were unexpectedly ushered into the Oscars and introduced to celebrities.

Actually the tour bus routine with tourists being paraded in front of stars was elitist and arrogant.

Kimmel spoke to an Asian woman who told him her name was “Yulerie” – to which he looked confused and asked her to repeat it. He asked another passenger his name to which he said, “Patrick – now that’s a name.”

Arianna Davis was very offended. “It doesn’t seem like Kimmel is the type of guy that would purposely try to offend people on a major stage like the Academy Awards. But that’s part of the problem: Many people don’t stop to think about how their microaggressions toward people of color can wear them down over time.

“In addition to constantly being reminded of their ‘otherness’ for simply being born with different skin, these men and women have likely already dealt with a lifetime of unnecessary teasing or questioning because of their unique names.

She had no such concern about the insults aimed at the President.

What was received very well was the Trump bashing. Kimmel started off the evening with a joke about Trump being racist.

Hollywood loves terrorists so anything Iranian is A-OK with them. They gave an Oscar to the hand-wringing, whiney film, The Salesman, for political purposes. The Iranian-American who won for best foreign film, Asghar Farhadi, boycotted the Oscars and issued this statement via a proxy:

Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and Hollywood loves the country as well as anything associated with it.

Kimmel called on the crowd to stand and applaud Meryl Streep, who hurled hateful venomous insults at Trump at the Golden Globes. He then told the crowd, “Some of you get to come on this stage and make a speech that the President of the United States will tweet about in all caps during his 5 a.m. bowel movement.” He also added that the event was being watched in 225 countries “that now hate us.”

He also tried to lure Trump into tweeting back at him with a tweet shown on a large screen behind him, “Hey @realDonaldTrump u up?”.

Then there was this.

All Trump trashing was considered funny. Their ratings are down again. We say “Good!” The narcissist awards are long, left-wing political, and boring.

What kind of country belittles it’s own President before the world, a world filled with enemies?

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