Trump’s share of the Latino vote soared to 33% in 2020


Donald Trump received strong Latino support in the 2020 elections, up from 18% in 2016. His share of the vote surged to nearly 33% in 2020. Still, he couldn’t beat the surprisingly ‘popular’ senile Joe.

Clinton received a record-high 79 percent of support from Latinos, according to The Washington Post. When Democrats realized the people coming in were voting for them, they suddenly decided they wanted open borders.

Biden still took home about two-thirds of the Latino vote in the election, but the Trump surge proved to be a wake-up call for Democrats who were banking on maintaining their dominance with this particular demographic sector.

Democrats allegedly took Latino voters for granted. The Venezuelans and Cubans were a large part of the surge and they don’t want communism which is what Democrats are selling.

The most dramatic shift in Latino voters came in Florida.

Biden won Miami-Dade, home to a large Cuban American community, by 7 percentage points compared with Clinton’s 30-point victory margin more than four years ago.

The fact that Biden is a fool might have helped swing voters.

The former president saw the most significant Latino gains in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Trump also saw a surge in Latino support in Maricopa County, Arizona, Clark County, Nevada, Paterson, New Jersey, Rio Grande Valley, Texas, and Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Latino voters said the economy was the most important factor.

More Latino voters thought Trump, who had a reputation as a successful businessman, was well-equipped to guide the country through a difficult economic period, according to the researchers.

The November 3 election saw a record high Latino turnout of 17 million voters.

This proves they can be swing voters. Despite the constant accusations from the left that Trump and his supporters hated him, Latinos were able to separate the fiction from the truth.

Many didn’t want illegal immigration. Their communities suffer the most.

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