WOW! Dem mayor tried to correct CBS’s false reporting and they refused


As we reported earlier, CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ deceptively edited an exchange with Florida Governor DeSantis. They deleted the explanation to make him look bad. The goal was to accuse him falsely of pay to play and make the exchange fit by altering it.

Now we know that the Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County tried to correct the false information and ’60 Minutes’ refused.

Mayor Kerner said the “reporting was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false.” he offered to refute 60 Minutes’ half-cooked conspiracy theory based on personal knowledge and “60 Minutes declined.”

Dave Kerner said in his response that he thanks the governor for his work and is “proud of the state and country leadership.”

CBS News is officially a propaganda activist network that cannot be trusted.

The head of Florida’s emergency management agency, Jared Moskowitz, called the 60 Minutes report “absolute malarkey” on Sunday.

Journalists and news analysts criticized the 60 Minutes report, accusing the news program of selectively editing the segment with DeSantis.

CBS News is still shamelessly playing the deceptively edited clip.

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Two B
Two B
2 years ago

Funny how the msm monster that the left created is/has progressed beyond the lefts control.

The Magnificent Vigo
The Magnificent Vigo
2 years ago

Comrade Kerner will be airbrushed and photochopped out of all official CPUSA pics or portraits and the FIB is going to check his garage pull out for any wrongthink.
This comrade has had way too much to think and will report back to the hive and like it for the good of the unity collective.
Forward! The Great Reset Leap Forward.