Tucker Bombshell! Podestas Sold Clinton Government Influence to the Russians for Years


Tucker Carlson told his audience this evening that Tony Podesta wants his reporting shut down and threatened legal action against the show and Fox News. Podesta claimed he had to resign because he is under attack by Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

That’s rich!

Podesta Group is going to sue for violating copyright laws simply for using their quotes, among other things.

During his show tonight, Tucker said Tony and John Podesta sold Clinton government influence to the Russians for years.

Framing the investigation as Trump-Russia is inaccurate, his sources are telling him. It’s focused on the lobbyists supporting Russia.

Tucker’s source said that the Mueller investigators, although interested in Manafort’s behavior while he managed the Trump Campaign, are actually looking into the efforts of lobbying firms in the U.S. on behalf of Russia.

As for Paul Manafort, he used a sham group called The European Center for a Modern Ukraine to lobby on behalf of pro-Russia forces in Ukraine. Pro-Russia forces wanted to change American policy. That may be where the conspiracy charge really comes in.

Americans don’t have any idea of the level of Russian influence in D.C., Tucker said during a discussion with law professor Jonathan Turley, and he believes that is about to be exposed


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