Tucker explains why he thinks Adam Schiff & his cohorts are “dangerous”


Tucker Carlson made the case that Adam Schiff is “dangerous to the country” as are those who hold his views. He doesn’t think the motivation is a phone call to Ukraine or any of the other arguments the Democrats have presented.


“It’s actually, underneath it all, a policy disagreement,” Carlson said. Trump, he believes, has enraged permanent Washington with foreign policy stands that counter what the government’s “neocons” have advocated for decades.

“Nothing he has done before or since has made them angrier than that did. It was a direct threat to their ideas and to their paychecks,” Carlson said. He believes Schiff “conceded as much in his closing arguments.”

“Trump’s real sin, Schiff explained, was questioning military aid to Ukraine,” the Fox News host continued. “Why? Because it’s America’s duty to remain on the brink of war with Russia forever and indefinitely.”

Carlson stated that “if the Europeans were worried about a Russian invasion, they’d build an army to protect themselves.” He added that “they have not done that because they are not worried.”

“According to Adam Schiff,” Carlson continued, ” America must — must — keep 70,000 troops in Europe away from their families to guard against the ever-present threat of Russian invasion. For real. He said that. His fellow Democrats nodded in vacant-eyed agreement. If it weren’t for American military aid to Ukraine, Schiff went on, Putin’s armies might have conquered that country, going on to seize Poland and overrun the continent. You’d have to learn Russian to spend a junior year in Florence.”


He played a short clip of Schiff, noting that this is the kind of thing said all day long.

Carlson slammed bug eyes, “Voice rising, eyes bulging. And over time he began to sound less like a congressman from Burbank and more like a character from a Tom Clancy novel. The greatest threat to America, Schiff said, isn’t Russia’s 1st Guard’s Tank Army, it’s the president of United States who quite possibly could be the first nonvoting member of the Politburo.”

What Carlson said sounds a bit too paranoid, but the truth is that these Democrats and their cohorts in the State and Intelligence Departments don’t want the President setting foreign policy. They have gotten used to decades of setting it themselves.

What do you say?




  1. sounds like Tucker has a military age son. I think that the DEMS not only hate everything about President trump they know he was getting too close to finding out about their corruption of 2016 election with their dealings with Ukraine including the Biden’s sweetheart deals with aid from the US government.

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