Tucker & Jesse Kelly on What Must Be Done to Save the USA


Tucker interviewed Jesse Kelly about his online suggestion about having the reddest states form a coalition to redefine their relationship with the federal government. The country is being undone now. As he said, the time is now.

The one thing that can’t be undone is the invasion. It’s not an accident. The government bureaucrats want disloyal residents, criminals, and terrorists to come in because the country will collapse and communism will grow.

We have entire criminal networks coming, and it cannot be reversed. It’s not possible to deport this number of people. The American people won’t allow mass deportation, no matter the intention. Republicans won’t back it either.

It leaves us at the point of losing our country, or we can challenge our country. [The Declaration of Independence has an escape clause.]

We cannot stand by and let the country collapse. Illegal immigration is the stated goal of the Democrat Party.

He addressed the Republican Party as a controlled opposition. They got into Dan Crenshaw and others. The reddest states give us the worst Republicans. The people live in normal environments, so they either don’t vote or they get the wrong impression from watching Fox News.

Why are Democrats the Party of Mao? People sit on their butts during primaries.

There is much more – like 67% of mentally ill single women are part of the 77% of the single female Democrat voters. They are the beating heart of the Democrat Party.

People aren’t accessing truthful communication.


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